Why not me?

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The other day I was thinking I needed to find a blog to follow that was "one part knitting, one part humor, one part parenting advice, one part parenting humor, one part wanting to hide from your children, one part cooking, one part creative, one part crock pot obsession, one part inspiring and two parts pinterest". If you Google that, you don't get much worth reading!

So then I thought, Why not me? I have no talent for writing, a strange sense of humor that doesn't always translate well online and a tendency to start blogs that last about a week before puttering out...I'll rock this!

We are off on an adventure. It is sure to be a rambling road full of dead ends, derailments, uphill battles and possibly a wrong turn or two (have I mentioned I'm a horrible driver and extremely neurotic?) Who knows where we will end up....but we'll have fun getting there!

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