The multiple personalities of a snack trap

Thursday, May 30, 2013

My kids really aren't using snack traps much anymore. My 5 year old feels he is too grown up and my 2 year old does whatever the 5 year old does. I kept them in the move because I figured I would throw them in the garage sale pile. But yesterday I needed a paint cup and decided that the snack trap would be my best choice.

This thing rocks as a paint cup!!! It is sturdy and has good handles!

I finally made a paint decision!

Monday, May 27, 2013

Sometimes too much time is a curse! I have been throwing around paint colors since January...and I really thought I had made a decision until I put the paint chips in the house. The grey-beige I had my heart set on just wasn't enough of a contrast and didn't have the warm feeling I was hoping for.

So off to Lowe's I went (I believe this was trip number 6 in 3 days). When I pulled up to the store I took one final swig of my latte and set it back down in the cup holder and a little bit sloshed out. When I did this I noticed that my latte was the EXACT color I was looking for. So I snapped a photo and use my newest app (ColorClix by Olympic paint) to color match my latte to the closest paint color. It came up with a few different options so I went into the store and found the paint chips. Some were just wrong, while others were close. I perused the valspar paints too and instantly spied 'skinny latte'!!!

It. Was. Perfect.

Hopefully we will start painting tomorrow and it will prove to be perfect as I think it will be.

Moving madness!!!

Saturday, May 25, 2013

So I thought I came up with a stellar idea today! I decided to send my kids and hubby away so that I could pack up their rooms and stage everything downstairs so that our actual move day would go lickety split. And I would clean all three bathrooms, pack the kitchen and clean it too. That doesn't sound like a lot on least it didn't at the time.


I currently have a waterfall of sweat running down my face and I'm taking a blogging break so that I don't fall dead!the good news...I get to eat ANYTHING I want to today with no guilt!!

Don't get me wrong, I'm so thrilled to be moving and this will make the actual day a lot easier, but I might have bit off more than I could chew! It also doesn't help that while bringing the second box of the day down the stairs I miscalculated the distance between the box and the wall and lost some skin on the very textured wall! I'm now sporting the only band aids I could find...pretend the picture is here, my phone won't let that happen so it is at the bottom. I had a reason for this blog post...other than a pity party for one!

Awhile ago on one of my Pinterest benders I came across this idea to put a bag around the clothes while they are still on the hanger to make moving easier. I gave it a shot and it is pretty awesome!!!

I won't lie, it isn't the easiest to do by yourself, but just keep working all the clothes into the bag and it will come together. For the kids' clothes I put their extra hangers into the bottom of the bag then put the bag around the clothes. My daughter has a lot more clothes so hers was a bit more challenging and I couldn't tie it at the top. Thanks, yet again rock my world!!

I'm not dead!!

Friday, May 24, 2013

Yes, I fell off the blogging wagon once again...but for great reasons! Life got insane between working more on my hat knitting business, being involved in my son's co-op preschool, the weather got nice and buying a house.

It has been one freaking long roller coaster ride with the house, but the process is nearly over. Right now we are waiting for the most beautiful and expensive keys I will ever own! Even though this is not the first time we bought a house, it feels like our first 'real' house as our first home cost less than my van!!!

The new house has a great location and wonderful 'bones' but it had only one owner (they are now in their late 80's) and was built in the late 80' there is some major updating that needs to be done! The other day I was in the house and was very overwhelmed by everything I want to do...but I need to remember to take it one bite at a time!!

So stay tuned for some awesome before pictures as we embark on this adventure!!!

The many skills of a crockpot

Thursday, May 16, 2013

I love my crockpot, this is no surprise! Recently I picked up some sparkling water (my new addiction) in pretty bottles. It seemed wrong to send them to recycling...especially when I was planning a blue and green kitchen at our new house. I soaked the bottles in water, but couldn't remove the whole label. This morning I was scratching away at a label when I saw my crockpot out of the corner of my eye and went....hmmm.

So I filled the bottles with water (so they wouldn't float) and filled the crock with water and turned on low for a couple hours.

I then removed them from the water and the labels came off with minimal effort. I did have to use a scrubby sponge to get the glue off...but it was super easy!

Now I have adorable green bottles that I can do something crafty with!!!