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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Recently, my friend started selling something called Norwex. She was passionate about the product. Some of the stuff looked good, but honestly....$15.99 for a towel? It better make me coffee!!! I wanted to support her though, because she is fantastic! So when she had a contest on Facebook to spread the word about her Norwex business...I shared away! And low and behold, I won a couple towels in the contest! SCORE!!! Free stuff AND supporting my friend! I read a bit more about them on her site, and when they came in the mail I started using them. This towel is freaking MAGIC...I would not be surprised if I woke up one morning and it made me a cup of coffee!!

So, first of all....what is microfiber? 

One of the most important technological developments in recent years has been the ability to produce extremely fine fibers. These “micro-fibers” are of an even finer quality than natural fibers such as silk. In many products it is the luxurious feel and look of the fabrics, which makes the microfiber so special. In others it is their unique physical and mechanical performance which makes this fabric unique. With Norwex microfiber, we focus on the physical and mechanical performance in our product line.
Textile fibers are measured in grams per 10,000 meters (dtex). For a fiber to be considered a microfiber it must be 1 dtex or finer. This means a single thread of 10,000 meters must weigh less than 1 gram.
Norwex’s microfiber has a dtex of 0.13. One gram of Norwex microfiber will span over 70,000 meters. In each Norwex Enviro Cloth there is approximately 2.9 million meters of microfiber.
Used dry these fibers produce an electrostatic charge which attracts and holds dust particles. When wet the fibers use capillary vacuum force to pull moisture and grease from the surface up into the fibers. http://www.norwexproducts.com/what-is-microfiber
Does Norwex use fairy dust to make their microfiber towels better than the rest? 
No, but they do use silver! Norwex Antibacterial microfiber is the most innovative product in the industry! Microfiber cloths remove 99% of the bacteria from smooth surfaces and the silver in the cloth destroys that bacteria after a few hours. You're left with a cleaner, healthier environment.
Ok...enough cutting and pasting from websites...SHOW me how this thing works.

$15.99 is a lot for a towel, even though it kinda rocks. I can get super cheap towels on Amazon or the soap.com.
This is true. In fact I am probably the biggest fan of Viva Paper Towels that you will ever meet. I wrote them a love note one time because their towels are so awesome for wiping down my kids, I am a fan on Facebook and I buy it by the truck load on Amazon. I'm a paper towel snob to say the least! But paper towels will run you from $0.0189 (yes, that is not quite 2 cents, but it adds up quick!) to $0.027 per towel for my beloved Viva towels. So let's do some math, shall we?
Cost per towel for bargain towel: $0.0189
Cost per towel for Viva towel: $0.027
Cost per towel for Norwex: $15.99
Now, let's say you use 20 paper towels per day (obviously, you will only use one Norwex towel, you will just rinse and reuse).
Cost per day for bargain towel: $0.378
Cost per day for Viva towel: $0.54
Cost per day for Norwex: $15.99
Twenty Paper towels per day? No one goes through 20 paper towels in a day...
1 Wipe up the counter after making breakfast 
 2 wipe P after eating bananas 
 3 wipe up tray and highchair after bananas 
 4 wipe up floor full of random food 
 5 wipe N's hands and face after breakfast 
 6 wipe up yogurt mess on table 
 7 wipe up spilled coffee 
 8 wipe down the cupboard doors after being slimed by P 
 9 wipe up the paint on the table after crafts 
 10 wipe N's hands 
 11 wipe up tyenol on carpet after trying to give P liquid tyelnol while she was crawling 
 12 wipe up the counter after making lunch 
 13 wipe P's hands and face after lunch 
 14 wipe up tray & floor (not much of a job, so I would have only used 1 paper towel) 
 15 wipe up N's hands & face 
 16 wipe down table 
 17 wipe floor after apple juice is spilled 
 18 wipe floor after mud is tracked in after puddle stomping 
 19 wipe stove top after spaghetti bubbles a bit too much 
 20 wipe up counters after preparing dinner 
 21 wipe N's hands and face after dinner 
 22 wipe P's hands and face after dinner 
 23 wipe up huge mess on the floor 
 24 wipe up highchair and tray 
 25 wipe fridge that got a little bit of P's mess on it 
 26 wipe down table 
 27 wipe counters after doing dishes 
 28 wipe N's hands and face after snack  
You are very right, I use 28
Cost per day for bargain towel: $0.5292
Cost per day for Viva towel: $0.756
Cost per day for Norwex: $15.99

So the cost per month for paper towels vs. a Norwex towel:
Cost per month for bargain towel: $15.876
Cost per month for Viva towel: $22.68
Cost per month for Norwex: $15.99
These costs don't take into account cleaning supplies either...we are just talking towels. Plus you are saving the environment because you have less waste from the packaging the paper towels come in, the paper towels themselves, the cleaning supply containers and all that jazz.
I do miss the paper towel rolls though, they made really cool crafts! But I still have my TP rolls...there is no way I'm giving up my TP...even for a magical towel with silver in it!!!!!

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