My Garbage Can

Thursday, February 16, 2012

See that at the end of my driveway? Ya, I should take a photo, but I'm too looks like this:

My lonely trash can  makes my heart swell with pride. Know why??

It is simply ONE garbage can at the curb. ONE!!! The only time this happens around here, is when we are on vacation....for a full week! We just seem to make SO much garbage between two children and two "grown ups" (I couldn't write adults, I'm not so sure that is accurate! *grins*).

Anywho...the garbage can. Sure, it is feeling a little lonely because his friend is empty and sitting next to the deck, but this means that all my little changes to eat better, use less processed foods (which always have more packaging) and just have less "stuff" seems to be working!

Oh, it is the simple things in life that make you so happy!

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