Be a better running away

Friday, February 10, 2012

About an hour ago I ran, quickly, away from my house, and didn't look back. Today wasn't a bad was just long...and my son was years old. We started our morning at the library, where he didn't really listen to me, didn't listen to the lady reading books and bit me on the way out the door. Awesomesauce!

Things got better mid-day. A friend of his came over to play and P napped. We played playdough and made hand was fun...but he was very needy and I was needing of a little personal space. Side note:  I remember before I had kids, I would look at a parent in my position, and think "Awe, all he wants is a hug" but when he's had two trillion hugs and cuddles, EVEN WHILE I PEE, there is a breaking point....I had reached mine!

Then, 5pm hit. 

I'm not sure why, but this is the point in the evening where I start losing my cool....and he ramps up. It wasn't pretty. B came home and I said "I have to leave soon or I'm going to eat him". He didn't question it and suggested I go get a pedicure (BEST. HUSBAND. EVER.)

So, here I sit. At the best darn place my frazzled butt could land. Pure Bliss

There is jazz music playing softly, an almost devoured piece of chocolate cake to my right and an empty glass of Merlot. There is a knitting group chatting and knitting in the corner (just being near yarn warms my heart) and it's FREAKING HAPPY HOUR! I think I'm going to hide in the bathroom at closing time. They can't make me leave!!!! (I'm sounding like quite a lush, btw....I haven't had all that much alcohol this year, and since I started blogging a whopping 3 days ago, I've consumed 2 glasses of wine. Maybe blogging makes me drink?)

What is a girl to do when she has yummy treats, no children and a few hours to completely unwind? She surfs Pinterest (you are SHOCKED aren't you?)

I stumbled upon this...

I think on an evening when I run away from my house screaming like it is on fire, it is best to sign up for a 52 week challenge to strengthen your relationship with your kids! :)

The blog that this linked to is fantastic, you should check her out!

I'm back to being my sane self I shall return home, and I'm a much better mother for it! Well, maybe one more piece of cake....

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  1. Good times! I can relate to the bathroom hugs ;)