A Little Knitty

Friday, June 21, 2013

I have been working on marketing today...A Little Knitty is now on Instagram!!! Find us at @alittleknitty

Let the countdown begin!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Today is the official last day of school in our school district, but the preschool has been out for nearly a month. And ever since they let out, my son starts the day with one question...

Is today my kindergarten day???

This is gonna be a long summer!!

So I came up with the genius plan to do a paper chain to count down the days until Kindergarten! Note to self...next year come up with this plan in late August to save a lot of time and work! :)

I tried to get the kids to help with the chain, but they weren't feeling it. So, I got them set up with a little craft and I got down to business (there will be a side note about their project below)

Evidentially lazy once again trumps my type A personality, because printing them and cutting on a paper cutter would have been ideal...but I'm letting my hair down! ;)

There is the finished product! All crazy and disheveled...but N loves it!! If we wanted it to last more than a day, we had to put it up high, out of the way of the two foot toddling tornado!

This little craft session was soooooo different from when N when younger (pre-little miss P). I would supervise and make sure everything looked like the instructions. It is a lot more fun for all of us to just throw it out on the table and see what happens. I notice that N still needs to stick close to the directions, but I love that P is a free spirit! 

Little Miss P's artwork

N's masterpiece

Either my type A is wearing off, or I'm just too tired to care anymore...might be a little of both! :)

Exercise Pants

Thursday, June 13, 2013

I live in exercise pants. 

(Psssst...that isn't me....hahahahahahaha I can't breathe!!!)

At first it was because I was actually in the gym every day, so I felt like I earned the privilege to grocery shop in them. But lately I'm just lazy and they are sooooo comfy!!! How does the person at Walmart know if I just went to the gym or not? Ya, that's a bit of a joke because I'm still one of the better dressed patrons at Walmart! ;)

When I was little I remember asking to go to a "fancy" restaurant like Olive Garden and being told no, we were in jeans and needed to be better dressed to go there. It really used to be that way. Now you go there and 99% are wearing jeans (including me). 

So here is my thinking...do you think exercise pants will soon replace jeans as the go-to pants? Cuz that makes me a little happy...but it probably shouldn't. Just in case...I just bought some new adorable boot cut exercise pants on groupon! 

Lessons learned in painting

Monday, June 10, 2013

I find furniture makeovers soooo cool...but so far all of mine suck a little! The headboard and side tables look adorable but I used the end table a little too soon and the top was a little tacky and now my cell phone is rocking a little white paint (I was going to edit that sentence, but instead decided it was brought to you by the word "little")

My painting of a dresser (that I'm turning into a tv stand) is just a mess and I'm too embarrassed to even post photos!!! It is an awful disaster actually!!!! At this point I have to sand it down completely and start over, or sell it and cut my losses. However in its current state, I would have to pay someone to take it!!!

Lessons learned...

#1 use gloves, unless you want to look like you murdered someone!

#2 know which way the wind is blowing

#3 if it starts running, don't apply more paint! (I know y'all are saying "duh" but I thought it might even things out)

#4 be patient (hahahaha, me patient???)

#5 put your finished pieces in a dark room and any imperfections write off as "antiquing"

And the paint goes on!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Did you know that you can buy paint samples at Lowes? You can pick any of the trillions of paint chips and they will mix it up for you and it is a whopping $3!

In case you were wondering...that little sample will paint a wall this big...

and NO more!!

Pieces to Peaces Boutique

Today we went and checked our mail (which is very exciting being as it is new...that will soon wear off and I'll forget to check it for days at a time) and we were very excited to find girlie hair stuff. We plopped right down in our front yard and tried them on.

I have been packing, moving and painting for 10 days...please don't look at me, just check out the cute headband. I'm totally going to rock this at Zumba...except for the fact that P keeps stealing it!!!

She is pretty darn cute in it! 

And this is the other headband...it doesn't fit me or I would steal it too!! Usually she doesn't leave headbands in because they squeeze her head too much, but these are super soft t-shirt material so she doesn't mess with  them.

The good news for you, is the talented gal at Pieces to Peaces Boutique (www.facebook.com/piecestopeacesboutique) is giving away a set of Mommy & Me headbands to one lucky Be More With Less fan!!!! 

To enter go here (after 9pm PST on the 4th...rafflecopter makes me play by their rules!)...the contest will end on the 12th at 9pm and I will announce the winner on my facebook page.

Good Luck!!!

Spray paint

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Have you ever spray painted anything?

Up until yesterday my answer to that question was no. I had great plans, I had a trillion pins on Pinterest and I think I actually bought a can once but never used it. I think I was intimidated!

But yesterday, I totally rocked spray paint and it was FUN!!!!

I will post pictures tomorrow (I forgot to take them) and I have more things to paint! It is way addictive!!!