Over half way through Fast Food Free February

Friday, February 17, 2012

I keep meaning to update on our progress!

We are still going strong!! There have been a couple times where it would have been SO easy to swing through fast food because I didn't pack enough snacks for the day, but I didn't give up!

On Valentine's Day we were out an about and P fell asleep when we were mere minutes away from home. So, I decided to take my son on a date while my daughter napped. We went to a local drive in and had burgers, played "I Spy" and "Twenty Questions" (N wants to be a Surfer when he grows up). Ya, not health food, but it WAS real food and actually came from a cow and didn't have 9872987 additives...so it wasn't a total cheat!

There have been a couple hidden benefits of giving up fast food. I have accidentally given up soda. I had no intention to do this, it just happened. I was thinking about it the other day, and we rarely have soda in the house, so really the only time I drink it is when I go out to eat. Then I realized I REALLY only drink it when we go to fast food, because I always gravitate to ordering by number, and the meal comes with a drink. So I paid for it, I'm gonna drink it! Whereas when we go to a real food restaurant, the soda is rarely free, so I drink water. Yay!

My son's behavior has also been improved and the only thing we really changed was the fast food thing. It may have absolutely no correlation...but I'll take the improved behavior!!! He still hasn't requested fast food, so I'm thinking March might be Fast Food Free as well.

P.S. I know for a fact the hubster hasn't followed the Fast Food Free February rules....

Does this look familiar, B??

....but he has been a good boy and kept the rest of the family on course when he is home. That's all this Momma can ask for! :)

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