It's Laundry Time

Monday, February 13, 2012

I'm not a fan of paying for things you just throw away/wash down the drain. I know laundry detergent is necessary to get our clothes clean, I just don't like paying much for it! I am excited to try this...

It is the new laundry detergent from Norwex. I think I'm most excited because it is supposed to be awesome on cloth diapers too, so I will no longer have to buy two different detergents (and those diaper detergents aren't cheap!)

I have yet to try it, but will report back when I do...however the preliminary financial stats look promising...

One bag will get you:
552 loads using 1/2 tsp. per load for Front Load HE =$0.04 / load
276 loads using 1 tsp. per load for Front Load HE = $0.08 / load
92 Loads using 1 Tablespoon Top Load (Soft Water) =$.23 / load
46 Loads using 2 T. Top Load (Hard water) =$0.46 / load

We have a front load HE, so I'm kinda excited that I should only have to use 1/2 tsp!

How does this stack up to other detergents?

80 Load box of Tide HE powder, cost $21.99 ($0.27 / load)
48 Load bottle of Tide HE free & gentle, cost $12.25 ($0.25/load).

Even if you use the full tsp for your HE front load, you would need 3 boxes of Tide to do the same amount of loads, which is $65.97, instead of $20.99 for Norwex Ultra Power Plus.

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