My Non Scale Victories

Sunday, April 14, 2013

I have been on this "Get Healthy, Stay Healthy" kick since January 1st this year. At first I just made small changes and tracked my food on My Fitness Pal (I've logged in EVERY day since January 1st!!!), worked out at the Y and 13 pounds came off fairly easily. But lately I've been ramping things up and the scale isn't moving AT. ALL. I've been frustrated and wanted to give up. But honestly giving up isn't really an option because I do feel healthier and I like living like this, even though I can't seem to budge the scale! I DO understand that being healthy is so much more than a number...however there comes a point where you would like that number to catch up! ;)

This weekend I had a few moments that would not have been possible if I didn't make the small changes I have made this year and they have very little to do with the number I see on the scale.

#1 I had my best personal time at a 5K race. For some, 41 minutes and 59 seconds is nothing to write home about....but for me I'm thrilled!!! I am IMPROVING! Not quickly and I'm not to my goal of 30 minutes...but I'm improving. And there were moments that I pushed myself harder than I thought was possible! It was a total win and didn't matter if I was 400 lbs or 120...I got it done!

#2. I went on the swings with my kids. I don't remember the last time I actually swung on a swingset. I've sat down for a minute, but my butt just did NOT fit, I felt like my circulation was being cut off and I was SURE I would break it. Today, my butt fit!!!! Today I pumped my legs back and forth to show my son how it's done! That was better than seeing a lower number on the scale!

Since I've been a big girl all my life, I have gotten used to assuming I can't do things.

I have said a little prayer as I buckled my seatbelt on the plane, hoping that it fits.
I have breathed a silent sigh of relief when I fit in the seat on the ride at Disneyland.
I have feared they have a scale in the floor at the waterslide park and they knew how dangerously close I am to the weight limit.
I have walked in countless adorable little shops, knowing the only thing that will fit me is a scarf, earring or pair of shoes.

I have become so used to this being my norm...that I don't question it. But as I'm changing for the better...I'm having to challenge some of these norms and hopefully soon they aren't even on my radar!

If you are like me and frustrated that the scale is not showing off your hard work...go challenge some of your norms! I bet you will be pleasantly surprised!!!

It's Just Me....At Home

Saturday, April 13, 2013

It is NOOOOOO secret that I love direct sales companies.

I love that they are usually started by or run by strong, inspiring women.
I love their products.
I love the relationships that I wouldn't have without these companies.
I love supporting others (I can't sell 'em all...contrary to belief!!)
I especially love that it allows mom's like me to work from home, feel like more than just a "mom" and earn a little cash!

Just today I was chatting with my cousin about how some people rep so many different lines. As of yet, I have not been a rep for more than one company at a time, because I do TRY to focus on one thing....


where was I??? Oh, focus! Yes, I try to focus.

I adore Norwex, I am not quitting Norwex, in fact I REALLY want to do more in home parties and presentations because I think it is so unknown and really has to be seen to understand how amazing it is. I thank God for Norwex pretty much everyday (most of the time it's while wiping a meal off my daughter...and the chair, the table, the wall and the carpet). I adore it and Norwex is not leaving my life!

I recently stumbled upon "At Home" and wanted to purchase a few things (NOT looking for an opportunity...I really have my plate full). I had heard of "At Home America" in the past, but hadn't heard about it in awhile. I did some digging and it looks like "At Home America" went out of business last year, but have returned with a different business plan. I'm not sure how it was before, but now there is no cost to set up your webpage and EVERYTHING is sold online. No inventory to hold, no catalogs to purchase, no parties to host (although they are going to be making that an option...but I'm not so sure about that), no back end data entry to understand, no time spent customizing a website, nothing!!  I absolutely fell in love with some items and their I found a consultant and started asking her a million questions. It seemed too good to be true, so I kept searching and searching online....which can be difficult when you are searching "At home" you get all sorts of funky stuff!!!

Anywho...after lots of googling...I decided to jump in. I didn't need to input any credit card information, there seriously was no catch! I didn't have to purchase a darn thing and there aren't any monthly charges to have my is VERY simple. Go shopping, check out the killer sales stuff, have fun and if you like it! It ships straight to you!

I'm so excited! Check out my facebook page for daily updates and sales!! the link at the top of this page that says "Just Jen At Home" and it will whisk you off to Happy Shopping Land!

AND....because I love supporting my other direct sales mommas....check out

Origami Owl-Nanette:


Jamberry Nails -

I have more...just need to find them! :)

I love 5!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

I love age 5!

It really is my favorite age thus far. My son turned 5 a couple weeks ago and he seems like a different mini person.

He is all of a sudden so grown up and smart. We have awesome conversations...and silly ones. He is just a little sponge that soaks up everything and thirsts for more knowledge.

He still loves to cuddle, give hugs and kisses, hold my hand at the store and go on "dates" with me.

He still thinks I'm smart, awesome and funny...I know very well this WILL come to an end...probably faster than I would like it to.

Nothing I do embarrasses him, singing loudly in the car and hugging him in public are perfectly acceptable  and he returns my blown kiss when I see him through the window at the YMCA. He doesn't even look around and wonder what other people will think of him. This too will end.

Sure, he is also exhausting....the knock, knock jokes seem never ending and lately he has developed a love of story telling...or maybe I should call it story listening because I do all the telling. He tells me I'm so good at it that I need to tell story after story...but demands they have different characters, locations and plots, and he is on me if I try to duplicate!!! Honestly, sometimes my head hurts from coming up with all these stories...but he continually flatters me with how much I rock at I keep going. The boy has got it figured out!!

Over the last couple weeks I have asked him frequently to stay 5 forever. But he reminds me that he can't...that next March 27th he will be 6...and my heart breaks a little bit. I know it won't be THE day he turns 6 that things will probably be gradual and might even start soon. But for right now, I ADORE age 5...and I hope he knows that! :)

Sinless Apple Crisp

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

First of all, I would make the world's WORST food blogger.


Pioneer Woman takes a photo of EVERY stinkin' step...and I wolf down my food and think "Darn, I should have blogged about that".

I have a couple options here...I could make another batch, which I will inevitably eat, or I can draw you a picture...

TADA!!! I totally made that!!!

It might look like turds (did I just type TURDS?? I have a 5 year old boy...this subject comes up a lot) in a blue hot tub...but that's just because I have the paintshop skills of a 2 year old!!!

What is this, you ask? It's Sinless Apple Crisp!!! I found the recipe on Pinterest but it called for sugar and microwaving in a freezer bag. I just couldn't microwave it in a freezer I grabbed a Vent n' Serve (shout out to Tupperware!!) so that I could get the same steaming action!

Sinless Apple Crisp
Servings: 1 starved girl who just wants desert

1 medium apple (peeled, cored and sliced or cubed)
1/2 tsp cinnamon
1/2 tsp cornstarch
1/2 tsp vanilla extract
1 TBSP water

Mix everything together and microwave for 2 minutes or until tender. I stirred in 1/4 cup oatmeal for a little texture and 1 TBSP cream. But even with all that, it was a total of 175 calories! The recipe I found had sugar added, but I don't think it is needed because of all the natural sugar in apples. And I wanted to keep the calories low and not have a sugar overload (or I would have eaten the ice cream in the freezer!)

BONUS: My house smells AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!

I'm very content and full now...and not craving "naughty foods"!

I promise to never, ever, draw my food creations again. 


Brutally Honest

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

This blog has been brewing in me for awhile (well, I have a few up in my head I just kinda suck at writing them out sometimes). I follow a lot of inspiring bloggers and their honesty has really helped me in my journey...and I felt the need to be brutally here it goes...

This is what 233 lbs looks like....and I'm VERY proud of myself.

I have learned so much this year (I'll talk about a few of them on another day) but the most important thing I have learned is that the number on the scale means very little!! I have been this weight before, but my clothes didn't fit as well, I couldn't run as far (or at all) and I didn't feel so strong. The number doesn't tell you that I've lost fat and gained muscle. 

(They all weigh exactly the same)

I saw this image awhile ago and it really hit home that the number doesn't really matter as much (and that I'm just too short...hahahaha). We all carry weight differently and are just different people. Feeling comfortable in our skin and getting out there and living the lives that we want to, THAT is far more important than the number on the scale. 

Yesterday my kids and I went through some of my race medals (I think there were 9 in the box I found). I put each one around their necks and I was filled with pride over what I have accomplished. Yes, I didn't do it in record time...but I DID them! I set a goal and actually did it! I am trying to live the life that I want to be living, and I refuse to wait until I'm a certain size or weight to accomplish them. Mind you, I'm not going to pose in a bikini...but that's not really a goal of mine! ;) I'm proud that this big girl can do an hour of Zumba at full intensity just like the fit girls and I TOTALLY want a shirt like this for the 5K races...

something like Overweight, Winded, Red Faced and Ahead of You! hahahaha I won't lie...on my last race my sweatshirt was riding up and I kept pulling it back down over my behind. After awhile I was like...what's the point? If they don't like my big bum in their face...they should speed up! ;)

I am a work in progress and I have a lot of goals I want to accomplish and don't want to stay where I am...but I'm trying very hard to be proud of where I am RIGHT NOW...and not saving my pride for when I am a certain size or weight. I know I'm not the only one that has looked at a photo...remembering how fat I felt at the time...and how I would LOVE to look like that again! 

Thanks for letting me share...I'm hoping with a lot of hard work, I can show you what lighter weights look like! :)