My love, my crock pot

Thursday, February 9, 2012

I have a minor major obsession with my crock pot. It makes me insanely happy. I put random things in it, turn it on and when dinner time comes around, there is magical, hot food inside. This is a busy momma/lazy momma's best friend. I have come to the conclusion I could put my shoe and a bottle of A1 in there and something fantastic would come out, however I'm not really willing to try this (I really love my shoes!).

Today I am making fajitas for dinner. This morning I eye'd my crock pot, wondering if it could crank out some yummy fajitas. But then I decided to just do it on the stove top instead, my crock pot really does need a day of rest!

Imagine my amusement when I was surfing Pinterest just now (thank you nap time) and stumbled upon this...

That right there is a recipe for Crock Pot Fajitas, folks!  (The recipe is here)

If only it weren't 2.5 hours before dinner....if only...

P.S. What does one get their Crock Pot for Valentine's Day?

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