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Monday, February 20, 2012

I really wish babies came with customized manuals (because every child really is different, even when they come from the same ovaries and same sperm receptacle) and little read out screens.

Recently, my daughter was sick. It seemed never ending, but never reached a fever or any of those "take your kid to the doctor if they do this" symptoms. So we waited for something alarming to happen. Finally, she was just "off" enough that we took her in. Come to find out, the child was harboring two infected ears. Poor little Miss P! This is why I think children should have read out screens.

I stumbled upon these parenting tips the other day, and they cracked me I just had to share...

The scary thing about this one, is that I've seen photos of carseats installed completely this one isn't so far off! I could get on my soapbox (because I dipped into the wine again), but I won't. I'll just drop this little website right here, in case you, or someone you know, needs it.

*gigglesnort* I really shouldn't drink wine while updating my blog. But that there is funny...and wrong.

I disagree, this is very effective in some homes. The first born gets all the teething rings, the second born gets whatever is leftover and any child after that gets whatever is laying around....even shoes!

Our house is so small that we joked that my daughter would sleep in one of our drawers. If we were to have a third, this would be our reality.

Get ready for a complete tangent!
Have you discovered these?

It is a battery operated nasal aspirator. It is quite possibly the greatest and most disgusting device I have ever owned. I saw them when my son was itty bitty, but honestly he was rarely sick and the good old booger sucker we got from the hospital worked just fine. But recently (as described above) my daughter was sick enough to purchase one of these battery operated brain booger suckers. It did help her breathe easier and got her on the road to healthy faster than if we didn't use it, but oh the faces the poor baby gave us when we administered this thing! The silver lining? It plays 12 songs and sounds like an icecream truck. I swear P will run away, holding her nose, from any icecream truck that comes near her when she is older. Awesome!

And I leave you with...

This is just NEVER wake a sleeping baby!

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