Why I don't want to be gluten free

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

In November I landed in Urgent Care twice in two weeks due to pretty severe stomach pain. Since then I have done some testing and through it all they can tell me what I don't have. I also have bouts of pain in my hands and feet (to the point I cannot walk) that seem to have some correlation with what I eat/drink but I have no proof. Again, they can't tell me what is wrong with me...but they know what it isn't. 

So, I did some reseach and decided to do a little experimenting on my own. I've been pretty much gluten free since Novemeber 2013 (I do cheat here and there) and my stomach pain is completely gone and hand/foot problem seems to be under control. 

For the most part I try to stay away from gluten, mostly because this forces me to eat healthier and has made most fast food completely off limits. I really think the good that comes from being "gluten free" has less to do with skipping the bread and more to do with staying away from processed foods (unless you are celiac...which is a whole 'nother story). 

I really dislike admitting I'm gluten free. Immediately I sound like someone who has jumped aboard some fad to lose weight (this decision had nothing to do with weight and everything to do with pain). Then I'm offered many "gluten free" alternatives. The funny thing about those is that most breads/cookies/cakes have an ingredient list longer than my arm and I have no doubt in 5 years we will discover they are harmful! I'm not looking to replace processed foods with more processed foods. 

So I've decided I'm "gluten selective" I try to focus on foods naturally gluten free (oatmeal, corn tortillas, lean meats, beans, brown rice fruits and veggies) and when I want to indulge in cake or cookies, I will make it small and make sure it is made with high quality ingredients instead of chemicals and junk! 

I'm thrilled with how good I feel and how much I don't miss bread. And some weight loss has been a perk of course!! 

If you are thinking about going gluten free please continue to read labels and think about what you are putting in your body. A gluten free label does NOT make it healthy!!!!!

Freshly Picked, Not Just For Babies!

Monday, June 9, 2014

I'm a total geek...I admit this!

Not so much computer nerd geek...but female entrepreneur geek. I LOVE learning about women who have followed their passion, create beauty and just plain kick butt in the business world! I think one of my favorite shows is Shark Tank and it WOULD be a dream to be on the show if I wasn't certain one of the sharks (ok, more than one) would probably make me cry! ;)

I was impressed by Susan even before she appeared on 'Shark Tank' but it was because of the show that I learned more about her story. Not only has she created a kick ass business selling amazing quality, adorable moccasins...she did it with only $200 in her pocket! You can read more about Susan here...she really is an inspiration!

Although I think her moccs are insanely cute, I assumed they weren't for me because I thought they were just for pre-walkers...boy was I wrong!!!

Little Miss P in her Freshly Picked Moccs

These shoes are so freaking cute and they make them all the way up to size 10. I will tattle on myself, I didn't measure Miss P and I ordered the wrong size...however with the way she has been growing lately, it will probably be a couple weeks and they will fit just fine! So don't be like me...Freshly Picked has an awesome sizing chart that you can print out...USE IT!!!

Little Miss P and I were lounging on the couch this afternoon when we heard a knock at the door. As soon as she spotted the box, she asked if it was for her (ok, I MIGHT have a shopping addiction). I squealed when I saw it was indeed for her...then SHE squealed when I opened it up and unveiled her new shoes. This girl is already on her way to a MAJOR shoe addiction...and has good taste!! Immediately she wanted to put them on...and now I can't get them off her! 

We love FP

I am planning a fun giveaway in August that will include a pair of Freshly Picked Moccs, a Hat by A Little Knitty and a few other goodies for your little one this fall!! Stay Tuned!

UPDATE: My daughter is potty training...and today we had an accident. She came running around the corner of the house screaming "TAKE OFF MY SHOES BEFORE THEY GET PLOPS IN THEM" (yes, my kid calls her poop "plops"...long story!)