Doomsday Bunkers

Saturday, March 24, 2012

My husband is watching Discovery Channel (nice change from History Channel, but a little too much education for this chica) and there is a show called Doomsday Bunkers. You can watch it here it is riveting TV.

First of all, I'm all for being prepared for a disaster. My Father-in-law started us a very nice emergency kit that I plan on adding to so that we are better prepared. Granted, the kit could have 2 pixi-sticks, gum and a book of matches in it and we would be better prepared. The power went out a couple months ago and we couldn't find a working flashlight (when you have kids, flashlights are no longer tools to be used for when the power is off. They become toys to be left on and drain the batteries) nor could I find a candle. I felt like Super-Mom!!

So anyway, I think it's great to be prepared in case of an emergency. I do find spending thousands of dollars on an underground shelter completely insane....and that's what this show is all about. Watch just a tiny bit of the show and report back.....

*sings to herself*

Thrilling stuff huh?

For a moment let's pretend like tomorrow is the day zombies attack. The Doomsday bunker people retreat like moles into their vacation home under the ground and the rest of us are zombie lunch. After the dust has settled and the zombies move on (or go to wherever zombies go) and all these crazies....I mean, smart and clearly not insane, people return groundside. Now, forgive me if this is rude....but these are the people who will repopulate the earth???

Maybe being zombie bait isn't such a bad thing.

Spring is in the air

Yup! It's officially Spring here in Washington State! I hear the constant hum of law mowers outside, people are smiling, kids are hanging from monkey bars at the park. Life. Is. Good.

I love this time of year because we FINALLY get some sunshine AND it's time to do Spring Cleaning!!! I love to purge. I love getting rid of things we don't need. If something sits still too long, it will be found in the trash or Goowill pile (pretty sure if my kids sat still long enough, they would encounter the same fate). I love when everything has a makes me blissfully happy. We live in a tiny house with very minimal storage and no garage. We also have a rented storage unit, but honestly bringing stuff to and from the storage unit with two wild children in tow is less fun than a root canal (I have contemplated ducttaping them to a wall, but I remember the little security cameras that are constantly on a feed to the front office, and decide against it).

Um....where was I? Oh....throwing things out. Sure, I have regretted getting rid of a few things in my time (like that hot glue gun that I never, ever, ever, ever, ever use....ya....the next week I needed one!) and I almost always have the knot in the pit of my stomach as I hand over my donation bag to the guy at Goodwill (Did I check EVERY pocket of that jacket? Maybe there is a million dollars in there?). But the awesomeness that is a clean, clutter-free, happy house outweighs any of the downfalls from purging.

Today I tackled our bedroom. I chose this room because it was in the most need of purging, but rarely seen by any visitors so it hasn't been high on my list. The REAL reason I picked our room: we lost our TV remote.  I MUST find it because it is stuck on H2 (because the History Channel needs more than one channel) I cannot fall asleep to it one more night (it's been lost for over a month....seriously, how many times can H2 show programming about Big Foot???? I frequently fall asleep to experts spouting off about Sasquash sighting. This messes with my dreams BIG TIME!!!!!). So, for my sanity sake, I must clean our room.

After cleaning for quite awhile, finding the remote (YAAAAAAY!!!) and folding and hanging all the clothes that were piled on the rocking chair, I sat down on the newly found glider to take a little break and bask in my cleaning/organizing glory. I contemplated what I would do with this corner of the room now that I was getting rid of the rocking chair. I didn't really use it anymore. I was done breastfeeding (a recent occurrence) and the chair was really only used to harbor clean clothes that we were too lazy/exhausted to do anything about.

As I rocked in the chair, pondering a complete reshuffling of the hit me. And it hit me hard. Tears welled up in my eyes and I just knew I couldn't get rid of this chair. This is the chair that rocked my babies to sleep. This is the chair we sat in every evening before bed. This is the chair where I sang softly and whispered to my sweet children. This is the chair I fell asleep in countless nights. This is the chair we cuddled in at 2am. This is the chair I bought on Craiglist for $10 and is not attractive, but surprisingly comfortable. This chair is family.

I have to say this is the first time that I can ever remember keeping something so large that I just plain DO NOT need, but absolutely want. I remember reading an article about decluttering once that mentioned taking pictures of things that have strong memories, then donating or getting rid of the item because you just don't need it cluttering up the house. The memory will still be there, but the useless item will no longer be in the way...but I just can't do it. So the ugly little chair stays. I'm not 100% sure where it will go....but it stays in the family.

P.S.  I also cried over throwing out nursing bras. No, not because I'm that sad about no longer nursing or want to frame them or anything....but because I remember how stinkin' expensive those bolder holders were!!!! ;)

P.P.S. All the crying is not normal, evidentially I'm hormonal.

P.P.P.S. No, I'm not pregnant....don't even go there!

People Magazine

Friday, March 23, 2012

This is pretty darn cool!

That there is a Norwex Silver Care Toothbrush featured in People Magazine's "Get Your Best Smile"!! I have been using this toothbrush for about 2 weeks and I have to say my teeth and gums are even happier than they were when I was using my Sonicare brush...and whiter too! The toothbrush was created to eliminate bacteria growth and build-up. The toothbrush has a silver-coated, replaceable head with microfiber bristles.It self sanitizes within hours!! If you have ever read an article about all the bacteria floating around a bathroom, this is a pretty awesome toothbrush!!!!

The toothbrush comes in soft & medium bristles and comes with the brush plus a refill. 

Random bag of randomness

Thursday, March 22, 2012

How do bloggers do it? How do they continually blog day in and day out and find something of interest? I guess I needed to take a little blogging break because I had absolutely nothing of interest to say. Honestly, I'm not so sure there will be anything of interest in this blog post, but read on friend, read on!

So, life is currently teetering on the brink of crazy, but not quite there yet. Balance has always been tough for me. Life goes a little something like this...

#1 Take on a project.
#2 Still not busy enough.
#3 Start a business.
#4 Still have time to eat lunch.
#5 Sign us up for another activity.
#6 Still remember to use the bathroom.
#7 Start a small insignificant task.
#9 Quit everything.
#10 Sit around thinking I should do something.
Rinse & Repeat.

Right now I'm at #6 and dangerously close to #8.

Yesterday, I signed my son up for Karate lessons and I fear this might be my breaking point. But I figure I can multi-task. They have a baby-gated room with windows that P & I can hang out in, I can catch up on emails and randomness from my cell phone and N can kick and punch out his energy.

Don't get me wrong, I adore being busy and love all the things I get to do. First of all, I get to hang with my kids all day. It is exhausting, but fun. We fill our days with playgroups, Mom's Club activities, random field trips, MOPS, as the weather gets better we will be adding hanging out at the park and picnic lunches, on Thursdays we walk some kids to school, donating plasma (until I got myself put on suspension this of my arms was naughty the other day and I have to go in on Saturday and find out if I can continue donating. Seriously, an hour where my kids are well taken care of and _I_ get paid $20? It's heaven I tell you), and we are in the final stretch before our Silent Auction in May. Then, if all the stars align, there is naptime where I really should be knitting things for my small knitting business or doing something Norwex-y....but lately I find myself catching up on Dowton Abbey or reading Hunger Games (Yes, I jumped on TWO bandwagons at once!!!!)

I guess now that I type it out, I feel less bad about not updating as often. I have a lot of recipes and such that I want to talk about....but that will just have to wait for another day. Maybe after I finish my book and Dowton Abbey. But, in all honesty, I'll just find another obsession before then! :)

And just seconds ago, I received an email saying I was accepted to the Pregnancy & Baby Expo in April!

I need a cloning machine!


Wednesday, March 14, 2012

I have really talented friends and I have been meaning to "showcase" their talents to my many, many (eleven) followers! *grins*

Seriously, they inspire me to be more creative (that, and Pinterest) and they also show me where I am not so talented and I'll just leave certain things (like sewing or crocheting) up to them and stick to what I'm good at.

So, my first shout out goes to my friend, Heather.

Heather is the talent behind HartFelt (you can find her here: or her blog here:

She does amazing things with felt like....

Seriously cute stuff!!! It's all hand stitched with love and just amazing! She is having a giveaway right now. If I were smart I wouldn't tell you about it, to increase my chances, but you really should go need an owl!
give the owl to?

8. Join my blog.

Where will I be in 100 days?

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Technically, in 100 days it will be Thursday, June 21st

But I guess more philosophically, will I be better off in 100 days than I am today?

A Mentor Mom at MOPS introduced me to Ann Voskamp (click on the logo below to check out her blog).

Whether you are religious, spiritual, agnostic, Buddhist (hahahahaha....I totally spelled Buddhist wrong and it wanted to autocorrect it to nudist!), ok....even if you are a nudist...we all have seasons in our lives where we want to be better versions of ourselves. I've noticed a lot of my friends have experienced this desire when their children were born, or shortly after. These amazing little creatures are in our care, and there is something about them looking up to us and seeking counsel that makes us want to be more, do more, have more answers or just make it through the day (with a little extra prayer).

As I mentioned when I stared this blog, I am on a Spiritual journey of my own. I look into the eyes of my wonderful children, and want to do everything I can for them. I want the tools to raise strong, confident, honest people who give back to the world just by being in it. I know I am blessed each day just by knowing them!

Ok....ramble, ramble....where are you going with this??

Ann has a great printable calendar. For 100 days write down 3 things (JUST 3!!!) you want to accomplish that day. They can be the same each day, they can be 3 different categories of things like Health, Spiritual, Hobbies and within those categories the task to complete each day changes. Whatever you want. You can fill it out ahead of time, or fill in as you go. Just imagine where you might end up in 100 days!!!

My first Pin

Monday, March 12, 2012

Alright people, I'm about to dip my foot into the pool of blogging for the purpose of pinning it on Pinterest. I'm pretty excited! :)

When my daughter was born I bought this dress in size 12 month.

Every month I would put her in this dress and snap her photo. It looked slightly insane the first month, in fact when I posted the photo I didn't explain it, and had a friend question whether the dress might be a tad bit too big! hehehe She was swimming in it! The second month she really chunked up and we worried the dress would even fit at 12 months! But we made it, and even have room to spare so I'm thinking I'll continue with the photos until she is bursting out of the dress! then I took all these monthly photos and printed them out, grabbed some ribbon and some clothes pins....

...and displayed them at her birthday party this weekend. It's SO much fun to watch her grow into this dress. It's hard to remember how tiny she was! 

It has been fun and I think friends and family have enjoyed it too! Give it a shot if you have a bun in the oven! :)

Video Game Addict

Thursday, March 8, 2012

I have a confession....

My son is a Video Game Addict!

He is THREE....and completely addicted to video games.

If he isn't asking to play some sort of gaming device, he is pretending to be one of the characters.

He talks about video games constantly, even telling the barista at the coffee shop that he LOVES video games.

He tries to get other kids to join in on his passion, they just look at him like he has two heads.

He was Luigi from Super Mario Bros for Halloween.

He needs a 12 step program!

Today I discovered a great byproduct of this obsession. On Thursdays we volunteer to walk kids to school (their bus service was discontinued in a budget cut). Anyway, we walk right past this football field with a track around it. My son begs to go in every week. You see, one of his favorite video games is an Olympic Games game on the Wii. So he wanted to pretend to be in the Olympics. The kid RAN 3/4 of a mile and wanted to do more but we had to get to the dentist! He even got down like this...

It was the cutest stinkin' thing EVER!

So, next time he goes on and on about video games in public, I won't hang my head in shame and feel like a bad mom....I'll remember that some kids obsess about trains, others dolls....mine is obsessed with Sonic the Hedgehog and participating in the Olympics. 

I'm hoping for a good nap today, or tomorrow we'll do 1.5 miles! :)

My Little Obsession

Saturday, March 3, 2012

I'm obsessed. It is true.

Sometimes I run into products that are just so fan-freaking-tastic that I have to share them...this time I just so happen to be a consultant for the company, so I do sound like a constant infomercial. I honestly don't mean to be like this. I'm not looking to make a trillion dollars or anything, I just think Norwex has made such a drastic change in our house...that I want others to experience it.

It might seem like I'm some clean freak...but that is SO far from the truth! My house has always been messy. Not just toys everywhere, but honestly, just not clean. The only time it was clean, was when we were expecting company. I would spend a LARGE chunk of time cleaning the house from top to bottom (hating it the whole time) and inevitably it would be messy again and I would be thrown back into the cleaning vortex once again. I hated it to say the least.

I am extremely Type A, and would rather the house be clean...but I'm a lazy Type A. That means I WANT to live in a clean home, but I'm too lazy to do anything about it until I am forced. I contemplated hiring someone to help me clean many a time, but could never do it because I felt like I should clean before they came over to clean...and how does THAT make sense??

When my friend introduced me to the Norwex Envirocloth, I experienced first-hand that I could ditch the papertowels and not have to deal with nasty, smelly towels (previously, when I tried to use cotton cloths, they got smelly fast and the increase in laundry just wasn't something I wanted to deal with). I have used an envirocloth for 2 weeks, every single day, and it doesn't smell. I simply rinse it out between uses and hang. The silver embedded in the fabric kills the bacteria and keeps it smell free. When it does start smelling (the pores are too full of junk) I just throw them in the wash!

Having Norwex in our home has seriously made our lives better, and I hope I can improve quality of life for other families. It was hard to change my way of thinking. I've always cleaned a certain way (the way I learned from watching my mom....which involves a lot of Comet cleaner!!!) but with Norwex, I'm able to have a lot fewer products and clean more efficiently and effectively than I've been able to clean with chemicals or, more recently, natural alternatives. I have more time for my kids, and more time for playing during naptime....without sacrificing a clean home.

I hope you know when I share my passion online or in person, it's not to "get" people or make's just because I am so in love with the products and SO appreciative of my friend that shared Norwex with me....I hope to do the same thing for others! Thanks for dealing with my crazy butt! :)

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss

Friday, March 2, 2012

Today is the birthday of Dr. I thought I would share the "artwork" that I made for the kids playnook (we call it a playroom, but it's really just the corner of the living room!)


The quote is from Oh! The Places You'll Go! and says...

You have brains in your head
You have feet in your shoes
You can steer yourself in any direction you choose

I hope as my kids get older they will read this a lot...a mother can hope! :)

I bought a cheap canvas at Michael's, painted it blue all over then sponged on some white puffy clouds. Then borrowed my friend's vinyl cutter to do the letters. Easy Peasy! 

It didn't turn out 100% like I thought it would (I'm an amazing artist in my head, in reality I'm on par with a 4th grader)....but my son thinks I'm cool, and that's all I can really ask for!

Going to the lodge....

Thursday, March 1, 2012

This week we visited Great Wolf Lodge in Grand Mound, Washington. We've been asked a lot of questions about life at the I thought I would do a little review. 

First of all, we are already planning our trip for next obviously we loved it!!

First Impression: Keep in mind....I just stepped out of a vomit soaked car, I was tired and just wanted to get to our room so the kid could be near a private toilet and we could all relax a little. So, upon stepping into the entry way, I had huge sensory overload! There were loud sounds, children running around like cracked out hamsters, bright colors everywhere and just a trillion things to do and see. I decided to ignore it all, look pathetic as I could, check in and BEG for our room. It didn't work....but the extremely nice, professional, sweet and compassionate front desk person did say she would do everything she could to get our room ready for us (including the pack n' play that I requested) and give us a call on my cell as soon as the room was ready. I was very appreciative of her and she gave great directions to the guest laundry room.

A few of my favorite things....
  • They really make you feel welcome. Every single staff member took the time out to say hello and give you a smile. And I'm talking EVERY staff member, not just the front desk. As I was walking down the hall and all the housekeeping carts were out, they would say hello and smile as you walked by. It was nice.
  • The lifeguards. They are AMAZING. There are a trillion of them, they pace back and forth and there will be no shenanigans on their watch. I love this as a mom of little ones. I'm sure teenagers hate this though! :) I did feel like the lifeguards were almost like Royal Guards, they were not going to crack a smile while they were concentrating on keeping people from drowning. Honestly, when the wave pool has waves going every which way, they all look like they are drowning, so I'm not sure how they determine when to jump in. But no one was hurt while we were there! :)
They look like that, but in red swim trunks!
  • Baby proof  plugs in EVERY outlet. I'm not just talking about in our room either....I'm talking EVERY SINGLE outlet in the hotel. As a mom of little ones, this is awesome!!!
  • Special bubble bath for the kids, I just love that special little touch. So did my son!
  • The water park and surrounding area is well laid out, there are always fresh towels, places to sit, easy to find bins to leave your dirty towels before you leave. 
  • The slides are insanely fun....I felt like a kid again! :)
  • Adult armbands double as your door-key and credit card. I am already missing the ability to open the door with my wrist, this digging for keys thing is for the birds!! I also miss paying for things with my wrist, but pretty sure I spent more money because of this amazing little convenience. 
  • They got us into our room about 90 minutes after we checked in, a full 2 hours before the 4pm check-in time.  
  • They have plenty of life jackets and they are all in good shape. I felt very safe sending my 3 year old speeding down the slides (REPEATEDLY) in his nice little life vest. And they had little ones for my 17 lb daughter too. Babies smaller than 15lbs might be out of luck though. 
  • Breakfast buffet was super yummy. You can pre-pay your breakfast when you book online. It saves you a couple bucks per person. There is an omelet station that made the most cheesy, yummy veggie omelet I ever met. Nolan loved the little kid touches like marshmallows, gummy bears and fresh made smoothies. They have a lot of special treats for the kids, which really is fun. Side note: I don't know why, but the online system charged me full price for all 4 of us. When we got there we saw that 3 and under ate free. So I asked at the front desk and the promptly credited me for the difference and said how sorry they were!
Things I didn't dig....
  • The guest laundry room was pretty dirty. I think I'm hypersensitive to this because of my new Norwex cleaning obsession (believe me, if I had my mop I SOOOO would have cleaned those floors) and the fact that I have a crawler. There were stains and just plain nastiness on the floor. The room was plenty big for a few chairs to sit in while you wait for your clothes, but they had no chairs. We ended up getting the double stroller out of the car so that we had somewhere to contain the crazy children.
  • I did have to call 3 times and waited 4 hours to get a pack n' play. I was told it would be set up in the room...which would have been nice. Since it wasn't there, Miss P didn't get a nap and was a bit of a handful. 
  • There is this Magiquest game your kids can play. I think it's like $30 for the wand and they run around the hotel on a scavenger hunt of sorts. When parents were with the kids, it wasn't so bad....but when the kids were in large packs, they would run you right over and get quite loud and rude. The "game" pieces are located in high traffic areas (which can be very frustrating) in the stairwells (which can be loud if you are near them) and near the elevators (which can get a little congested too). I guess if my kids were older, I might have found this fun, and it is good for the kids to have something to do outside of the water park. But, the whole "magic" thing doesn't "go" with the Great Wolf Lodge wilderness theme (this fact irritates me, but I'm Type A!!!) Yes, I sound like a cranky old person...and I am fine with this. 

Overall, there were very, very few things I didn't like. Most of my list was just me being my type A self. 

Here are a few random tips:
  • Pack all your swimming stuff in an easy to find bag. You can check-in at 1pm (most likely your room won't be ready until the official 4pm check in time, but they will call you and let you know when it is ready. Grab that swimming suit bag and head for the locker rooms (they are downstairs by the swim shop, which is awkward to get to when you enter from the 2nd floor.
  • They say no outside food or drink in the park....but it's pretty hot in there and we brought water bottles which was really nice!
  • Have your kid measured right when you enter the park. My son measured 42" up there (and they gave him a bracelet to show that he measured tall enough to go on the medium sized slides with an adult). The day before we measured him at the stairs to the slide, and he was 1" too short. The lifeguard at the entrance said that one is messed up for some reason. My son LOVED the bigger slides. He has to grow 6" to go on the SUPER crazy big slides though....and I'm fine with that!
  • Put the kids in the jammies and go to story time. AND REMEMBER YOUR CAMERA!!!!!! (I forgot, and my son didn't want to go back the 2nd night!)
  • Bring a camera you don't like very much, just in case you drop it in the water! :) Or buy a disposable! :)
  • Plan on spending a good chunk of change while you are there! Most things cost extra....but it's a vacation! My daughter and I will SO be getting Mani/Pedi's at Scoop's Spa when she is old enough! 
  • Don't get a balcony room when the weather is chilly out....the sliding door seemed to have a bit of a draft!
Thank you, Great Wolf Lodge for creating wonderful memories for our family! We look forward to next year!