My Favorite Christmas Gift Ever

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

As I'm Christmas shopping for my kids, I'm contemplating my favorite gifts as a kid. I don't remember them all...I mostly remember trying to sneak a peek in the middle of the night and the super funky fruits (that we had never heard of) that Santa would leave in our stockings. I do remember the Barbie head that I wanted badly (Barbie head makes me sound was like a lifesize head and you could style her hair and do her makeup), the DJ set (because that's what I wanted to be when I grew up) and the telephone I nagged my parents to death about (and honestly, they shouldn't have gotten it for me, I was a brat). But my favorite "gift" wasn't originally wrapped at was the gift of reading this book every night at bed time. I loved this tradition and it is my favorite memory!

Fast forward a whole buncha years...Christmas 2007 I was pregnant with my son. My dad handed me a gift that was obviously a book, and when I unwrapped it, I instantly burst into tears. It was the book he had read to me for so many years and he thought I could read it to my kids.

The next year, my son was just 9 months old at Christmas time and I attempted to read it to him...but he just wanted to eat the pages. Now, every time we cuddle up before bed and dive into a story, I'm thankful for this was much more than just a book!

I hope that when my kids look back on their childhood, they don't remember the toys or video games as their favorites, but instead, remember the time spent together and the love we have for each other!!

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