Freddie the Elf - Days 4-8

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Bet you were wondering what our little Freddie has been up to, huh? He has gotten a little more bold and a tad bit more naughty...which the kids are loving.

Day #4: I struggled with this one. I saw it on Pinterest and I have dry erase markers laying around and knew it would come right off....but I work so hard on getting my kids (mostly the little one) to follow the rules, did I REALLY want to encourage naughty-ness? I decided to go with it though, it was the elf after all, not me!!! I did thoroughly enjoy drawing on the was more fun than I expected! I did keep checking the pen to make sure it was indeed dry erase and not a sharpie, wouldn't that be awful?? I tacked Freddie up with a little of that blue putty stuff you use to hang posters...that stuff rocks! My son found him in the morning and was shocked at what a naughty elf he was. I explained that ONLY Freddie can do that stuff and he was cool with that, but still looked a little concerned. He then asked if I was going to put him in time-out and seemed relieved when I said no.

Day #5: My husband and N put together these sleighs that they picked up at Lowe's the other day. When my husband was looking for a place to hide Freddie, he spotted the sleigh and grabbed a little of the blue putty to tack the sleigh to the banister. I thought this was gutsy because N could reach him in this location (thankfully, I don't think P could get up there). Now, if you know the elf story, you know that they cannot touch the elf or he loses his magic. N is an extreme rule it was hilarious to watch him walk up and down the stairs with his hands behind his back because he wanted to insure he didn't accidentally touch him. We did have a minor mishap, when Freddie slipped out of the sled we made a rule that it's fine for parents to touch him, he won't lose his magic! ;)

Day #6: Freddie chilled on the mantle the evening that I got my brand-spankin' new Silhouette Cameo. For those of you who don't geek out on crafting technology, it's a printer like device that cuts vinyl or paper for every craft your little heart could desire. I played around with it a little bit and made these little books, one for N and one for P. When I folded them all up, I realized I could make them from Santa!!! That's when things got super fun! I wrote notes on each page of the little book. Messages like "Thanks for helping out around the house", "Thanks for being such a silly little girl", "I see you are doing well in school", "I see you are learning more words" and "be nice to your sister, she really loves you" and of course "be nice to your brother, he loves you too". I included one blank book too (because I made three on my test run). So, in the morning the kids opened their little books and they LOVED them. N asked me to read both of them over and over...he thought it was so cool that Santa sent him something. This is a bi-product of the elf that I never thought about, but is pretty fun...their own private mail man with a direct link to Santa! Anyway, in the blank book, I asked the kids what they would like to send back to Santa. P just jabbered about bananas, but N had a lengthy list which included a dolly for his sister, a new DS game for Mommy and clothes for Daddy! We put the list back in the elf's arms and he delivered it back to Santa that night.

Day #7: I wasn't feeling very well and I needed to have a "boring" location so that expectations wouldn't get too high. On day 7 he was found up in the light above the dining room table. Not very exciting, huh? I forgot to take a photo!

Day #8: A friend of mine had her elf bring an AMAZING breakfast, I saw another brought a Christmas cereal...I thought both were super cute, but a box of cereal was much easier than a full breakfast! I tried to find a Christmas cereal the other day, and had no I got frosted rice krispies...they had elves on them, that's good...right????

Stay tuned to more adventures in Freddieland!

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