Freddie the Elf - Days 1-3

Monday, December 3, 2012

I wanted to partake in the Elf pandemonium last year...but I was too cheap to pay full price and figured they would go on sale after Christmas.

I was I bought our little friend and stashed him away for this year.

Yup, I'm totally one of "those" moms. Now, I don't go crazy because I'm just too lazy to pick up messes in the morning...but I have been finding fun things to do, and my husband has even gotten in on the fun!!

Here's Freddie's first few days with us...

Day #1: Freddie was found hanging out in the laundry room. Just hanging, not doing anything thrilling...but he was out of reach of the toddler. I didn't think to take a photo until a few days in...I didn't think I would even last past a day or two. Go me!

Day #2: We picked up the Christmas Tree the night before, so Freddie climbed to the top (again, out of toddler reach). Simple and easy!

Day #3: Hanging from the ceiling with our MistleToad. Do you see the out of toddler reach theme going on here?  I started running out of really high soon I got bold...stay tuned! :)

Have you noticed anything a little different about our Freddie? Evidently, I am unable to read a full description on Amazon. You see, I read that he had brown hair and brown eyes and I said "Perfect! Just like half of our little family" and sent that bad boy to my shopping cart. When he arrived, I realized he was their dark skinned model meant for families of color...and not necessarily our glow in the dark, white family. It cracks me up! He's still pretty darn light skinned for being the "ethnic" elf.

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