Freddie the Elf - Days 13-17

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

More Freddie Adventures...

Day #13 Freddie was a naughty little guy and got into our fridge and dyed the milk green! I thought the kids would really love this. I waited until the milk was low though, just in case it wasn't as appreciated as I thought it would be...I did NOT give thought to the fact that you can't see through the jugs from Sam's Club. Whoops! Here's Freddie hanging out in the fridge (next to the wine of course!) P enjoyed it, N looked me right in the eye and said "Please tell Freddie to never do that again". Hahahhaa....killjoy

Day #14 Freddie wanted to relax a little in the bathtub...I surely wouldn't mind a day of relaxation!


Day #15 This morning we found Freddie ziplining from the top of N's door, into the laundry room. N thought it was pretty cool!

Day #16 Snowball fight with Luigi...N says that Freddie won!

Day #17 Before bed, N asked Freddie if he could hide in his stocking the next morning. So, he was extremely excited when he woke up and found that Freddie listened and hid in his stocking. Of course, he was in toddler territory, so N requested/demanded that I put Freddie up high.

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