Freddie the Elf - Days 9-12

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

And the saga continues...

Day #9: The husband helped the elf hide tonight, I was so sick and would have forgotten about him completely. Freddie was found sitting among the apples in the basket on the wall. This is when I learned a valuable lesson...DON'T SET THE BAR TOO HIGH!!! If I had done a Pinterest worthy elfing from the beginning, my kids would have expected that every day. Do yourself a favor people...set the bar low!! N found the elf and after a few days of fun things like drawing on faces and bringing cereal....he was like "that's it?".

Day #10: I had been meaning to set up these little Christmas Trees we bought last year (because we thought P would be climbing the tree if we got a real tree...little did we know, she would STILL be trying to climb the tree this year). Anyway...these two little trees I had been meaning to set up in each of their rooms...since I never got around to it, Freddie took it into his own hands...and decorated them with gift tags. These gift tags were super cheap in the Target Dollar Spot and I don't care if P hides all of them (I just wish I didn't care that she hid all the sentimental ornaments on the big tree...we will find them when we move some day!) Darn...I totally forgot to take a picture...N usually finds the elf first and since the elf was down low, he was VERY concerned that his sister would touch him and take his magic away, so he wanted him put up high pronto and I didn't think to take a photo...whoops!

Day #11: I'm not exactly sure what Freddie was up to last night, but we found him inside a tube of toilet paper that had rolled down the stairs...that must have been a wild ride! N thought it was hilarious! He walked down the stairs to protect Freddie from his sister until I could get pick him up and put him up is really funny how serious he is about protecting his magic.

Day #12: I can't believe we've already been at this 12 flies by! Yesterday N was being a little naughty and had the DS taken away. I put it on top of the fridge (where Freddie happened to be placed after he fell down the stairs) and said if N's behavior did not improve, Freddie would take the DS to Santa. So, N's behavior did improve and Freddie decided to return it to N the next morning. When we woke up, he was perched up on a book shelf, leaning against the DS. At some point during the day, N decided to take it upon himself to get the DS down (I was in the bathroom, of course) and Freddie fell off the shelf. You would have thought someone DIED from the way my son reacted. He just lost it...then when he realized the two-foot toddling tornado had her sights on the poor little elf...I thought he might pass out screaming "THE MAGIC, THE MAGIC". Oh, how I wish I had video. I quickly scooped Freddie up and put him back. P handed me a blanket and said "Night, night", so I wrapped him up and he took a nap. I'm so thankful that I can touch him without the magic being lost!!

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