I was a good parent until...

Friday, December 7, 2012

I had everything figured out before Little Miss P came bounding into the world. Sure, not everyday was all roses for me and Mr. N (like potty training!!!!!!) but other than his dramatics and fits (and potty training!!!!) he was very easy. He rarely made a mess, didn't wear a bib for long because he was so clean, I could go days between cleaning under his high chair, he never EVER wrote on anything other than paper, and only stuck stickers to paper or clothes because that was a rule. He would gladly wash his hands and was not a fan of finger painting. Oh, and until recently he could not have pj tops and bottoms that did not match and I still cant convince him to wear a shirt that was previously a 'day' shirt as a 'night' shirt. He is my little type A rule follower, and I totally get that because that's how I am!

Having a child like this, I saw kids who wrote on walls and pondered, how does that even happen? You just say, 'we only write on paper' and that's that!

Enter Little Miss P

She is not a rule follower. She is a 'stare you down-roll her eyes-and do what she shouldn't' kinda kid...and baby she was born this way! I'm sooooooooo sorry for thinking that all kids were like Mr. N!!!!

However, even though she is a lot more work, and pushes my buttons constantly...she is exactly who we needed in our lives! God knew I needed a little spitfire to question everything I knew about parenting, and in turn make me a better mother. I have to remind myself of this when I'm cleaning crayon off the wall and wondering how she even got her hands on the crayon in the first place (I'm convinced she is stashing them in her diaper or somewhere because I swear I put them all away!!!) she is perfect just the way she is...my crazy little girl will challenge the world...this I know!

Do you have a kid who showed you how you SOOOOO don't have your act together?

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