Giveaway Time!

Friday, December 7, 2012

I ADORE The Ellen DeGeneres Show. I watch when I can (read: when my kids are forced into quiet time, being not so quiet) and yesterday when I was watching the 12 days of giveaways, I was daydreaming about how freaking cool it would be to have her job. I mean, giving away stuff that you didn't have to pay for and making some very lucky people VERY happy...that would be fan-freaking-tastic!

So today, I was approached to do a little give away on my blog and I thought....O.M.G. THIS IS MY CHANCE!!! Ok, so it's on a very small scale and only one item (not 12 days) but it's still pretty cool!

First of all, have you heard of Origami Owl? They make these amazing lockets that I have fallen in love with. Truth be told, I'm completely in awe of the Founder of the Bella...

She is the ripe ol' age of SIXTEEN!!!!! You can read all about her, and her company, here. I am green with envy that I didn't come up with the is pretty stinkin' cleaver! You can learn all about the living lockets here, but here is the cliff notes version:

They make can personalize them with charms, plates, chains and dangles...then you wear them! Easy-peasy!

This happens to be the one I made!

Nanette Seevers (who happens to be my amazing cousin) is a designer for the company and she has offered up a medium locket and two charms of your choice for the winner of our contest!! I'm excited, can you tell????? do you win???? Go enter The Origami Owl Giveaway and good luck to you!!!!

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