The shoes I wear

Monday, April 2, 2012

I wear shoes like the ones above. These aren't my actual shoes, that would take finding the camera, finding the memory card, finding the shoes, etc. It is much easier to google "frumpy, boring black flats" and ....wammo....there are my shoes! :)

I'm not fancy, I'm frugal. I would rather have boring black shoes that go with half my wardrobe and a boring brown pair that go with the other half of my wardrobe, than a pair of shoes that can only be worn with one outfit. 

But sometimes, when I'm sitting around in my mom jeans, crazy hair and grown out pedicure....I come across something I want for no reason at all....

These shoes are so not me. I'm pretty sure I don't own a single thing that would "go" with these shoes. But wouldn't it be fun for one day to not think about a budget...not care about automobile safety because OBVIOUSLY this person is not wearing a seatbelt...throw caution to the wind and wear absurdly expensive shoes you might never wear again?

Naptime is over and the children are not content in their beds....back to my reality....Pretty sure I've been watching too much "Sex & the City" again!

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