Play Kitchen Part 1

Sunday, April 1, 2012

While on a pinning spree I came across this adorable play kitchen.

I did what every good Pinterest addict does...ripped off the idea and ran to the store for supplies.

So today, our family went on a little treasure hunt. I excitedly told our 4 year old that we were going on a treasure hunt at the Re-store....imagine how upset he was when we got there and the place was just full of cabinets, chairs and random doorknobs. I have to say, I could have spent a lot more time in there, but with two children in tow, we had to move fast. 

I came across this beauty and fell in love, but the pricetag said $70 and there was NOOOOOOOOOOOO way I was spending $70 on a cabinet to drill holes in it and turn it into a play kitchen. But upon further inspection (and a second opinion from the hubster) it was actually $20! MUCH more reasonable given the fact that we had a store credit for $13 from last summer when we gave them our toilet (we totally thought we would have to PAY to get rid of that toilet and we were SO happy when they took it and then we were beyond shocked when they gave us a $13 credit!!!) ok....back on track. So the kids started getting fussy (and N was just a bull in a china shop) so B took the kids out to the car so I could look for some knobs and a faucet. I found some treasures, added up the damage and loaded it in the van!

On the drive home I mentioned that I would like to find a metal bowl as the sink. We brainstormed where to find such a thing. I could have searched at Goodwill or Value Village....but I knew for a fact they have them at Cash & Carry so we just headed over there. With the cost of gas right now, sometimes it's just best to buy it and not drive all over creation.

So we got new project home with all the other treasures and I cleaned it up (with a Norwex Hand Pad of course!) and it sparkled. Now it was time to cut that bad boy up.

The kitchen I posted above had a microwave and oven, but I decided that was just a bit more work than I was willing to do. So first we started with the sink install....this is how it turned out.

I still need to clean the stickers off the faucet! :)

We are going to take the right cabinet door off and replace it with a curtain. We'll take the handle from the door and put it on the left door and cut that cabinet in two so that there is a freezer and a fridge door (hence the two handles) then I'm thinking I'll paint both the doors with magnetic paint!

My next task is to buy the fabric for the front and paint the stove top on the top of the cabinet. A friend has offered to make them a microwave, and I'm super excited (those things are INSANELY expensive!!!)

Project Costs:
Cabinet, Faucet & Random Knobs for Stovetop:       $18
Bowl for Sink:                                                            $5
Fabric:                                                                      Need to Purchase
Magnetic Paint:                                                         Need to Purchase

So far.....only $22....not too bad!!

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  1. I wish all kids had parents like you and B. You two rock at parenting. N & P are very lucky kiddos!