Brown Rice

Monday, April 9, 2012

In an effort to eat healthier, I got rid of the white rice in the house and replaced it with brown rice. I enjoy the taste of brown rice, but it seems like it takes more effort to cook it, and have it come out yummy. I've tried cooking it like white rice, that didn't work. I've checked out a few different methods online and none of them really floated my boat....until I found this page:


The recipe is pretty simple. Take rice, a pinch of salt and some water. I use the 4 to 1 ratio, get the water boiling, rinse off the rice and throw it in the pot then leave it alone for 30 minutes or so (today it went a bit longer, shhhhhhh.....don't tell anyone!) Strain out the water and let the rice chill for a little bit and you are done!

I have been making pretty large batches so that I can have leftovers for a late night snack or with sliced almonds, apple chunks and cinnamon for breakfast. 

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  1. You should try the Minute brown rice. It's real brown rice, fully cooked and then dehydrated. All you have to do is rehydrate it, that's why it's so fast. I'm sure it's more expensive, but it's nice to have on hand in a pinch. Also, it's nice to have to throw into a stew or something in the last few minutes, and it rehydrates with the broth and gets super yummy :)