Where will I be in 100 days?

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Technically, in 100 days it will be Thursday, June 21st

But I guess more philosophically, will I be better off in 100 days than I am today?

A Mentor Mom at MOPS introduced me to Ann Voskamp (click on the logo below to check out her blog).

Whether you are religious, spiritual, agnostic, Buddhist (hahahahaha....I totally spelled Buddhist wrong and it wanted to autocorrect it to nudist!), ok....even if you are a nudist...we all have seasons in our lives where we want to be better versions of ourselves. I've noticed a lot of my friends have experienced this desire when their children were born, or shortly after. These amazing little creatures are in our care, and there is something about them looking up to us and seeking counsel that makes us want to be more, do more, have more answers or just make it through the day (with a little extra prayer).

As I mentioned when I stared this blog, I am on a Spiritual journey of my own. I look into the eyes of my wonderful children, and want to do everything I can for them. I want the tools to raise strong, confident, honest people who give back to the world just by being in it. I know I am blessed each day just by knowing them!

Ok....ramble, ramble....where are you going with this??

Ann has a great printable calendar. For 100 days write down 3 things (JUST 3!!!) you want to accomplish that day. They can be the same each day, they can be 3 different categories of things like Health, Spiritual, Hobbies and within those categories the task to complete each day changes. Whatever you want. You can fill it out ahead of time, or fill in as you go. Just imagine where you might end up in 100 days!!!

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