My first Pin

Monday, March 12, 2012

Alright people, I'm about to dip my foot into the pool of blogging for the purpose of pinning it on Pinterest. I'm pretty excited! :)

When my daughter was born I bought this dress in size 12 month.

Every month I would put her in this dress and snap her photo. It looked slightly insane the first month, in fact when I posted the photo I didn't explain it, and had a friend question whether the dress might be a tad bit too big! hehehe She was swimming in it! The second month she really chunked up and we worried the dress would even fit at 12 months! But we made it, and even have room to spare so I'm thinking I'll continue with the photos until she is bursting out of the dress! then I took all these monthly photos and printed them out, grabbed some ribbon and some clothes pins....

...and displayed them at her birthday party this weekend. It's SO much fun to watch her grow into this dress. It's hard to remember how tiny she was! 

It has been fun and I think friends and family have enjoyed it too! Give it a shot if you have a bun in the oven! :)

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