My Little Obsession

Saturday, March 3, 2012

I'm obsessed. It is true.

Sometimes I run into products that are just so fan-freaking-tastic that I have to share them...this time I just so happen to be a consultant for the company, so I do sound like a constant infomercial. I honestly don't mean to be like this. I'm not looking to make a trillion dollars or anything, I just think Norwex has made such a drastic change in our house...that I want others to experience it.

It might seem like I'm some clean freak...but that is SO far from the truth! My house has always been messy. Not just toys everywhere, but honestly, just not clean. The only time it was clean, was when we were expecting company. I would spend a LARGE chunk of time cleaning the house from top to bottom (hating it the whole time) and inevitably it would be messy again and I would be thrown back into the cleaning vortex once again. I hated it to say the least.

I am extremely Type A, and would rather the house be clean...but I'm a lazy Type A. That means I WANT to live in a clean home, but I'm too lazy to do anything about it until I am forced. I contemplated hiring someone to help me clean many a time, but could never do it because I felt like I should clean before they came over to clean...and how does THAT make sense??

When my friend introduced me to the Norwex Envirocloth, I experienced first-hand that I could ditch the papertowels and not have to deal with nasty, smelly towels (previously, when I tried to use cotton cloths, they got smelly fast and the increase in laundry just wasn't something I wanted to deal with). I have used an envirocloth for 2 weeks, every single day, and it doesn't smell. I simply rinse it out between uses and hang. The silver embedded in the fabric kills the bacteria and keeps it smell free. When it does start smelling (the pores are too full of junk) I just throw them in the wash!

Having Norwex in our home has seriously made our lives better, and I hope I can improve quality of life for other families. It was hard to change my way of thinking. I've always cleaned a certain way (the way I learned from watching my mom....which involves a lot of Comet cleaner!!!) but with Norwex, I'm able to have a lot fewer products and clean more efficiently and effectively than I've been able to clean with chemicals or, more recently, natural alternatives. I have more time for my kids, and more time for playing during naptime....without sacrificing a clean home.

I hope you know when I share my passion online or in person, it's not to "get" people or make's just because I am so in love with the products and SO appreciative of my friend that shared Norwex with me....I hope to do the same thing for others! Thanks for dealing with my crazy butt! :)

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