Video Game Addict

Thursday, March 8, 2012

I have a confession....

My son is a Video Game Addict!

He is THREE....and completely addicted to video games.

If he isn't asking to play some sort of gaming device, he is pretending to be one of the characters.

He talks about video games constantly, even telling the barista at the coffee shop that he LOVES video games.

He tries to get other kids to join in on his passion, they just look at him like he has two heads.

He was Luigi from Super Mario Bros for Halloween.

He needs a 12 step program!

Today I discovered a great byproduct of this obsession. On Thursdays we volunteer to walk kids to school (their bus service was discontinued in a budget cut). Anyway, we walk right past this football field with a track around it. My son begs to go in every week. You see, one of his favorite video games is an Olympic Games game on the Wii. So he wanted to pretend to be in the Olympics. The kid RAN 3/4 of a mile and wanted to do more but we had to get to the dentist! He even got down like this...

It was the cutest stinkin' thing EVER!

So, next time he goes on and on about video games in public, I won't hang my head in shame and feel like a bad mom....I'll remember that some kids obsess about trains, others dolls....mine is obsessed with Sonic the Hedgehog and participating in the Olympics. 

I'm hoping for a good nap today, or tomorrow we'll do 1.5 miles! :)

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  1. All you can do is make sure he's well rounded. Evan is obsessed with Sesame Street-and he asks to watch it, even at 18 months. But, he has a large vocabulary, is very loving and social. If Nolan didn't want to play outside or play with friends and was still baby talking..then I'd be concerned :)