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Thursday, March 22, 2012

How do bloggers do it? How do they continually blog day in and day out and find something of interest? I guess I needed to take a little blogging break because I had absolutely nothing of interest to say. Honestly, I'm not so sure there will be anything of interest in this blog post, but read on friend, read on!

So, life is currently teetering on the brink of crazy, but not quite there yet. Balance has always been tough for me. Life goes a little something like this...

#1 Take on a project.
#2 Still not busy enough.
#3 Start a business.
#4 Still have time to eat lunch.
#5 Sign us up for another activity.
#6 Still remember to use the bathroom.
#7 Start a small insignificant task.
#9 Quit everything.
#10 Sit around thinking I should do something.
Rinse & Repeat.

Right now I'm at #6 and dangerously close to #8.

Yesterday, I signed my son up for Karate lessons and I fear this might be my breaking point. But I figure I can multi-task. They have a baby-gated room with windows that P & I can hang out in, I can catch up on emails and randomness from my cell phone and N can kick and punch out his energy.

Don't get me wrong, I adore being busy and love all the things I get to do. First of all, I get to hang with my kids all day. It is exhausting, but fun. We fill our days with playgroups, Mom's Club activities, random field trips, MOPS, as the weather gets better we will be adding hanging out at the park and picnic lunches, on Thursdays we walk some kids to school, donating plasma (until I got myself put on suspension this week....one of my arms was naughty the other day and I have to go in on Saturday and find out if I can continue donating. Seriously, an hour where my kids are well taken care of and _I_ get paid $20? It's heaven I tell you), and we are in the final stretch before our Silent Auction in May. Then, if all the stars align, there is naptime where I really should be knitting things for my small knitting business or doing something Norwex-y....but lately I find myself catching up on Dowton Abbey or reading Hunger Games (Yes, I jumped on TWO bandwagons at once!!!!)

I guess now that I type it out, I feel less bad about not updating as often. I have a lot of recipes and such that I want to talk about....but that will just have to wait for another day. Maybe after I finish my book and Dowton Abbey. But, in all honesty, I'll just find another obsession before then! :)

And just seconds ago, I received an email saying I was accepted to the Pregnancy & Baby Expo in April!

I need a cloning machine!

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  1. Thanks for this post. Now I know I am not the only one feeling like I could lose my mind trying to juggle it all. Hehe. You are awesome and inspiring Jen!