Turkey time

Sunday, November 18, 2012

The other day we took a sick day. P had been under the weather, running a fever and just not herself and I was sure N would be next. Unfortunately for me, they were not lethargic enough to be entertained by a movie and we are rarely home all day, so they were looking at me like, "what the heck do we do with ourselves?" So, I pulled out paper and finger paints and we got down and dirty!

Totally looks like pudding, huh? My daughter thought so!

It's so funny to me how different my kids are. I started by painting N's hand and he whined a little then started gagging. His little sister was across the table, hand outstretched, screaming "PLEASE"!!!!! They crack me up!

We started with brown paint all over....

...then we did just orange on the fingers and we have a turkey (sans beak, dangly neck thing & feet)

This handprint belongs to Mr. N

This belongs to Miss. P

Once they dried a little, I asked each of them what they were thankful for. N started with everything around him, then fell off the chair and added gravity to the list (I just about died laughing) then he started down the list of family members. It was really sweet.

P doesn't have too many word yet, but she did run through her growing vocab with a little prodding.

After the turkeys, N made some trees then found pompoms in the bin and had some fun there.

P loved playing in (and eating) the finger paints...

I should have made my own turkey. I would have listed that I'm thankful for good cleaning supplies (shameless plug, but I'm 100% honest that I'm thankful for them) and washable paints. Sometimes it's SO tough for me to step out of being my Type A self and get messy...but I always enjoy it in the end, and I hope I'm making good memories for my little ones!

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