Eat, Sleep, Knit

Friday, November 16, 2012

I kinda need I can knit and be warm and comfy at the same time. I guess technically it would be SO much cooler if I knitted it myself, but that's not gonna happen. 

So...guess what is on my knitting needles right now? 

hahahaha...that's a trick question because I have 987987987 projects going at the same time...and since both my grandma's gave me all their knitting needles, I really do have close to that many pairs of knitting needles. In fact, here is a photo of just a few of my special ones that I inherited from the grandma that taught me to knit...

These sit in a vase in my garden window as a reminder of my wonderful grandma. I figured this was a much better way of displaying them as art instead of just stuffing them in one of my MANY totes of yarn. It is strange to people who don't understand the story, (you have a vase of knitting needles in your window?) but they make me happy.

Wow...I go off course so easily!


That adorable hat right there is what I'm currently working on (in tan) for my little girl, P. It's one of the funkiest patterns I've ever done, but it's pretty darn cool how it's coming out. If you are interested in the pattern, click on the photo. I purchased it from Ravelry. If you don't know what Ravelry is, GET OVER THERE RIGHT NOW. I apologize in advance! ;)

I also have preemie hats on my needles too. I decided this year, instead of knitting for profit, I would knit for charity (and of course my kids, they need hats!). 

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