Product Spotlight: Travel Cloths

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Every so often (when I'm out of crockpot meals) I'll throw in a product spotlight for one of my favorite Norwex products. If you don't know about Norwex, check out my page. Over the last year, one of my favorites (and a product I use every day) is the travel pack. It is made up of 4 small envirocloths that you can stash anywhere like...

In the you can wipe up messes or wet slides at the park. (but don't buy a stroller just to put a travel cloth in it, that would be silly!)
In the car...when you spill your coffee on your shirt.
In your diaper bag....cuz there is always a mess with kids around.
In your desk drawer...for random work related spills.
In your purse....because you never know when you'll run into a mess.
In your kitchen...for smaller messes and wiping counter tops.
In your bathroom...because it is a bathroom.
In your gym bag...because you sweat.

Know what that means? You need two packs *grins*

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