Back On Track!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

I love the fall...each year it seems like summer gets so busy (and fun) that I look forward to the changing leaves and changing schedule...and SLOWING DOWN. This summer was amazing...the weather was breathtaking and I think as a Washingtonian I felt extra compelled to enjoy EVERY sunshine-filled, non-rainy, day before the gloom of winter set in. We enjoyed our new place and the ability to walk to the pool or walk to the little park. Each weekend we found ourselves outside...but I can't really name much of what we did this year...we were just busy.

I've thought of my blog a lot...even in the midst of doing something I would say "I should blog about this"...but it just never happened. I really should blog from my phone more!

Anyway...I have filed away all sorts of things to blather about and I have lots of arts and crafts ideas for the holidays (thank you, Pinterest) and my HUSBAND even got crafty the other day...which impressed the crap outta me! I snapped pictures of the process, but totally forgot to get a finished product shot...must do that!

So stay tuned...I'll be around until the weather starts warming up and I come out of hibernation! :)

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