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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Today we went and checked our mail (which is very exciting being as it is new...that will soon wear off and I'll forget to check it for days at a time) and we were very excited to find girlie hair stuff. We plopped right down in our front yard and tried them on.

I have been packing, moving and painting for 10 days...please don't look at me, just check out the cute headband. I'm totally going to rock this at Zumba...except for the fact that P keeps stealing it!!!

She is pretty darn cute in it! 

And this is the other headband...it doesn't fit me or I would steal it too!! Usually she doesn't leave headbands in because they squeeze her head too much, but these are super soft t-shirt material so she doesn't mess with  them.

The good news for you, is the talented gal at Pieces to Peaces Boutique (www.facebook.com/piecestopeacesboutique) is giving away a set of Mommy & Me headbands to one lucky Be More With Less fan!!!! 

To enter go here (after 9pm PST on the 4th...rafflecopter makes me play by their rules!)...the contest will end on the 12th at 9pm and I will announce the winner on my facebook page.

Good Luck!!!

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