Exercise Pants

Thursday, June 13, 2013

I live in exercise pants. 

(Psssst...that isn't me....hahahahahahaha I can't breathe!!!)

At first it was because I was actually in the gym every day, so I felt like I earned the privilege to grocery shop in them. But lately I'm just lazy and they are sooooo comfy!!! How does the person at Walmart know if I just went to the gym or not? Ya, that's a bit of a joke because I'm still one of the better dressed patrons at Walmart! ;)

When I was little I remember asking to go to a "fancy" restaurant like Olive Garden and being told no, we were in jeans and needed to be better dressed to go there. It really used to be that way. Now you go there and 99% are wearing jeans (including me). 

So here is my thinking...do you think exercise pants will soon replace jeans as the go-to pants? Cuz that makes me a little happy...but it probably shouldn't. Just in case...I just bought some new adorable boot cut exercise pants on groupon! 

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