Lessons learned in painting

Monday, June 10, 2013

I find furniture makeovers soooo cool...but so far all of mine suck a little! The headboard and side tables look adorable but I used the end table a little too soon and the top was a little tacky and now my cell phone is rocking a little white paint (I was going to edit that sentence, but instead decided it was brought to you by the word "little")

My painting of a dresser (that I'm turning into a tv stand) is just a mess and I'm too embarrassed to even post photos!!! It is an awful disaster actually!!!! At this point I have to sand it down completely and start over, or sell it and cut my losses. However in its current state, I would have to pay someone to take it!!!

Lessons learned...

#1 use gloves, unless you want to look like you murdered someone!

#2 know which way the wind is blowing

#3 if it starts running, don't apply more paint! (I know y'all are saying "duh" but I thought it might even things out)

#4 be patient (hahahaha, me patient???)

#5 put your finished pieces in a dark room and any imperfections write off as "antiquing"

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