Let the countdown begin!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Today is the official last day of school in our school district, but the preschool has been out for nearly a month. And ever since they let out, my son starts the day with one question...

Is today my kindergarten day???

This is gonna be a long summer!!

So I came up with the genius plan to do a paper chain to count down the days until Kindergarten! Note to self...next year come up with this plan in late August to save a lot of time and work! :)

I tried to get the kids to help with the chain, but they weren't feeling it. So, I got them set up with a little craft and I got down to business (there will be a side note about their project below)

Evidentially lazy once again trumps my type A personality, because printing them and cutting on a paper cutter would have been ideal...but I'm letting my hair down! ;)

There is the finished product! All crazy and disheveled...but N loves it!! If we wanted it to last more than a day, we had to put it up high, out of the way of the two foot toddling tornado!

This little craft session was soooooo different from when N when younger (pre-little miss P). I would supervise and make sure everything looked like the instructions. It is a lot more fun for all of us to just throw it out on the table and see what happens. I notice that N still needs to stick close to the directions, but I love that P is a free spirit! 

Little Miss P's artwork

N's masterpiece

Either my type A is wearing off, or I'm just too tired to care anymore...might be a little of both! :)

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