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Saturday, April 13, 2013

It is NOOOOOO secret that I love direct sales companies.

I love that they are usually started by or run by strong, inspiring women.
I love their products.
I love the relationships that I wouldn't have without these companies.
I love supporting others (I can't sell 'em all...contrary to belief!!)
I especially love that it allows mom's like me to work from home, feel like more than just a "mom" and earn a little cash!

Just today I was chatting with my cousin about how some people rep so many different lines. As of yet, I have not been a rep for more than one company at a time, because I do TRY to focus on one thing....


where was I??? Oh, focus! Yes, I try to focus.

I adore Norwex, I am not quitting Norwex, in fact I REALLY want to do more in home parties and presentations because I think it is so unknown and really has to be seen to understand how amazing it is. I thank God for Norwex pretty much everyday (most of the time it's while wiping a meal off my daughter...and the chair, the table, the wall and the carpet). I adore it and Norwex is not leaving my life!

I recently stumbled upon "At Home" and wanted to purchase a few things (NOT looking for an opportunity...I really have my plate full). I had heard of "At Home America" in the past, but hadn't heard about it in awhile. I did some digging and it looks like "At Home America" went out of business last year, but have returned with a different business plan. I'm not sure how it was before, but now there is no cost to set up your webpage and EVERYTHING is sold online. No inventory to hold, no catalogs to purchase, no parties to host (although they are going to be making that an option...but I'm not so sure about that), no back end data entry to understand, no time spent customizing a website, nothing!!  I absolutely fell in love with some items and their I found a consultant and started asking her a million questions. It seemed too good to be true, so I kept searching and searching online....which can be difficult when you are searching "At home" you get all sorts of funky stuff!!!

Anywho...after lots of googling...I decided to jump in. I didn't need to input any credit card information, there seriously was no catch! I didn't have to purchase a darn thing and there aren't any monthly charges to have my is VERY simple. Go shopping, check out the killer sales stuff, have fun and if you like it! It ships straight to you!

I'm so excited! Check out my facebook page for daily updates and sales!! the link at the top of this page that says "Just Jen At Home" and it will whisk you off to Happy Shopping Land!

AND....because I love supporting my other direct sales mommas....check out

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I have more...just need to find them! :)

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