I love 5!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

I love age 5!

It really is my favorite age thus far. My son turned 5 a couple weeks ago and he seems like a different mini person.

He is all of a sudden so grown up and smart. We have awesome conversations...and silly ones. He is just a little sponge that soaks up everything and thirsts for more knowledge.

He still loves to cuddle, give hugs and kisses, hold my hand at the store and go on "dates" with me.

He still thinks I'm smart, awesome and funny...I know very well this WILL come to an end...probably faster than I would like it to.

Nothing I do embarrasses him, singing loudly in the car and hugging him in public are perfectly acceptable  and he returns my blown kiss when I see him through the window at the YMCA. He doesn't even look around and wonder what other people will think of him. This too will end.

Sure, he is also exhausting....the knock, knock jokes seem never ending and lately he has developed a love of story telling...or maybe I should call it story listening because I do all the telling. He tells me I'm so good at it that I need to tell story after story...but demands they have different characters, locations and plots, and he is on me if I try to duplicate!!! Honestly, sometimes my head hurts from coming up with all these stories...but he continually flatters me with how much I rock at stories...so I keep going. The boy has got it figured out!!

Over the last couple weeks I have asked him frequently to stay 5 forever. But he reminds me that he can't...that next March 27th he will be 6...and my heart breaks a little bit. I know it won't be THE day he turns 6 that things change...it will probably be gradual and might even start soon. But for right now, I ADORE age 5...and I hope he knows that! :)

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