Chemo Caps - Part 1

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Today I'm introducing two (ok, just one...the other needed more tweaks) free knitting patterns to my collection on Ravelry and I would love for them to be used to make hats for chemo patients.

The Karen Cap was created last year for my mom, as she started her battle with rain Cancer. One year nd 7 days ago doctors found a tumor in my mom's brain and it started a short lived battle that ended in her passing away 5 months later.

During her battle I knit her 3 hats, but her favorite by far was this one, so I named it after her. In fact the last day I saw her we took a photo together and she was wearing this hat.

All this to say, this hat is very special to me and I hope that it is shared with people who can use it!

This hat was knit with CoBaSi Plus which I highly recommend for a beautiful breathable but soft hat! You can pick up the yarn in store or online.



  1. Can you please give me a little more instruction on how the "triple wrap" is done? Row 2 of the Fan Stitch has me totally confused!

  2. I would love to make this for my sister-law but I would like to know if you can please show me how to do the fan stitch I would really appreciate it please and thank you