Free Pattern WEDNESDAY - Pokeball & Newborn Pokehat

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

I was going to release this FREE knitting pattern on Friday...but I just can't wait!!!!

I watch Pokémon Go fans throwing virtual pokeballs all day outside my shop I just had to create a Pokeball!

When I finished the Pokeball, I thought to myself "Self, this would make a super cute newborn hat". It was at this point I ran into a huge roadblock.

In a moment of ingenuity (or desperation) to finish the Pokeball, I stuffed it with a ball of yarn...because it was too late to run to the craft store. I thought I was so stinkin' smart....until I decided to make a pokehat.

See, the problem is that I only had ONE ball of white yarn left in the WHOLE house...and I just sewed it inside my pokeball!!!! I searched high and low, and the only thing I could find was a cream organic worsted weight cotton. In the end it all worked out (and I LOVE the way the cotton knit up on the baby hat!!!!). All of this to say, use what you have and have FUN!!!! Oh and buy some darn fluffy stuff from the craft store to fill your pokeball!

I decided to make the pattern free because everyone needs to knit up a few pokeballs and randomly throw them at Pokémon Go players No...that is a bad idea...don't do that!!!! But it did make me think of this...and made me giggle a lot...

Happy Knitting!!!
You can download the free knitting pattern on Ravelry!

If Ravelry is giving you any can also download it HERE


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