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Monday, January 4, 2016

Over the years I have been doing less Custom Orders as I turn my business more to designing and less to knitting finished products. However, recently I was contacted by a friend (and prior customer) to create a gift set...and she pretty much gave me creative license over the whole project...and it was SOOOOOOOO fun!

I designed a mitten just for this order, one with thumbs and one without. Then I created them in different colors to match the hats. All of these hats were going to one special little I just had to create a hat and name it after him! His name is Jaime!

I slowly created each set and stashed them away in my "Need to sew in ends" I never saw all five sets together. Once I did, I felt like it needed a little splash of I'm making up a red set right a surprise (hopefully he can't read this post!) ;)

The top set is the Max in Linen yarn with mittens with thumbs
Middle Left is the Evan in SEAHAWKS pride colors, with coordinating thumb-less mittens
Middle Right is the Jaime in Dark Oatmeal with coordinating thumb-less mittens
Bottom Left is the Taylor in Green with coordinating mittens (don't they kinda look like a cactus??)
Bottom Right is the Jacksen with coordinating thumb-less mittens
The final addition to the set will be a Deep Red Jaime with coordinating thumb-less mittens

If you are interested in a custom order, please let me know!

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