The days feel like years and the years feel like days...

Friday, January 10, 2014

I was recently chatting with another mom about the phenomenon that our days feel sooooooooo long, but the year seems to fly by.

Today I have been reflecting a little about my life as a stay at home mom and how it has slowly morphed into a work at home mom of school aged kids. I feel like I'm one tiny step (potty trained child) from being in a totally different season of my life...and I'm very thankful!

I love my children. I love that I get the opportunity to be around them 24/7 for their early years. I'm thankful for the sacrifices we have made to allow this. But...I won't was hard! It's hard to be CONSTANTLY on the clock. It's hard to keep a curious 18 month old alive! It's hard to shower with a slippery 6 month old because they loose their mind when you step behind the curtain. It's hard to feel alone. And the hardest thing of matter how well you did your job today, it will be exactly the same tomorrow! There will be more meals to make and clean up after, there will be more fits and diaper changes, there will be more of the same every. single. day. And it begins to feel like it will never end (especially if you decide to have more children!) 

Today, as I was running errands with my 2 year old while my 5 year old was in school...I realized how much I truly love being around my daughter now...but I won't lie, it wasn't always like this. Eighteen months to 30 months was HARD. If you are in this stage of your life, give yourself a pat on the back and let me say "this too shall pass". One day they WILL hold your hand in parking lots without running for the hills! One day they WILL help pick up. One day they WILL be able to tell you what they need/want without shrieking and freaking out! One day your purse WILL no longer weigh more than your child!!! One day you WILL look back on the days of teething and potty training and not remember that it was a form of torture!!! 

I'm actually sad that my days of mommy group get togethers and not having to wear a bra (cuz if you are staying home all day with an infant...there is no need to get all sorts of fancy like brushing your hair or putting on a bra)! ;) 

So when you are up to your neck in dirty diapers and dirtier dishes...try to remember that someday you will miss this...but for right now just count down the minutes to bedtime and grab a good glass of wine and toast to making it through another day that felt like a year!!

If you have a child under 2 years MUST listen to this song! :)

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