Missing in action

Friday, January 3, 2014

Ya, I've been completely missing in action. And not just from my blog, from meal planning, cleaning, grocery shopping, doing laundry...my poor family and house!!!

So what is new with you? *sits back with her coffee and waits for an update*

Well, since you asked...I've been a busy little bee!! This year my little knitting business has exploded and I'm beyond blessed! 

I have been an entrepreneur all my life (what 12 year old makes her own business cards? This girl!) it is my passion...and coupled with my passion for knitting, it fulfills a spot in my heart that just can't be touched by being "just a mom". I feel guilty saying that...I adore being a stay at home mom and I know I'm very lucky I get to do so...but owning my business is just awesome! Of course I have goals to grow, but with the new year I'm stepping back...checking the priorities and seeing where adjustments need to be made.

At some point I should start a new paragraph, huh?

My little ones are doing well. Mr. N is in all day kindergarten and Little Miss P is my sidekick and personal assistant (maybe she needs business cards!!) 

I discovered a few months ago after some horrible stomach pain, that I'm indeed lactose and gluten intolerant. Both seem to be fairly minor, I can still have little bits here and there...but if I have too much, my body lets me know! At first I didn't fully believe that was the problem (doctors didn't diagnose me, it was just an elimination diet) so I would test the waters...and that was just a bad idea! So now I am trying to meal plan and find freezer meals that are gluten free (dairy isn't as much an issue). This is an interesting journey and I hope to share recipes soon!!

Please check out my online store at www.alittleknitty.com and 'like' me on Facebook www.facebook.com/alittleknitty 

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