The many skills of a crockpot

Thursday, May 16, 2013

I love my crockpot, this is no surprise! Recently I picked up some sparkling water (my new addiction) in pretty bottles. It seemed wrong to send them to recycling...especially when I was planning a blue and green kitchen at our new house. I soaked the bottles in water, but couldn't remove the whole label. This morning I was scratching away at a label when I saw my crockpot out of the corner of my eye and went....hmmm.

So I filled the bottles with water (so they wouldn't float) and filled the crock with water and turned on low for a couple hours.

I then removed them from the water and the labels came off with minimal effort. I did have to use a scrubby sponge to get the glue off...but it was super easy!

Now I have adorable green bottles that I can do something crafty with!!!

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