I finally made a paint decision!

Monday, May 27, 2013

Sometimes too much time is a curse! I have been throwing around paint colors since January...and I really thought I had made a decision until I put the paint chips in the house. The grey-beige I had my heart set on just wasn't enough of a contrast and didn't have the warm feeling I was hoping for.

So off to Lowe's I went (I believe this was trip number 6 in 3 days). When I pulled up to the store I took one final swig of my latte and set it back down in the cup holder and a little bit sloshed out. When I did this I noticed that my latte was the EXACT color I was looking for. So I snapped a photo and use my newest app (ColorClix by Olympic paint) to color match my latte to the closest paint color. It came up with a few different options so I went into the store and found the paint chips. Some were just wrong, while others were close. I perused the valspar paints too and instantly spied 'skinny latte'!!!

It. Was. Perfect.

Hopefully we will start painting tomorrow and it will prove to be perfect as I think it will be.

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