The on and on-ness of it all

Friday, March 29, 2013

Parenting isn't all that hard...if you are looking from the outside, or small snippets. This is how I got suckered into this parenting thing. I performed a VERY SMALL portion of a parenting task (keeping children alive...aka babysitting) and thought "I can TOTALLY rock this". I was going to always be attentive to my kids and be a stellar mom...hahahahahaha

Today, I decided that parenting is a lot like standing on one foot.

Do it right now, I'll wait.

It's very simple to do for a second, or even a minute, but do it ALL DAY LONG. Do it while one of your kids demands a PB&J and the other one has to "go potty" (read: sit on the toilet for half a second, say all-done, jump off, wash hands, replace least 12 times a day). Do it for DAYS...with the only "breaks" being when you sleep (if you actually get to sleep), when you get root canals and when you hide upstairs and do the laundry all alone. The simple task of standing on one foot isn't all that's the on and on-ness of it all...the monotony and the neverending-ness that makes it feel unbearable sometimes.

Then, your little one walks up to you BEAMING from ear to ear because she just put her shoes away without being asked...and it all somehow seems worth it...or at least tolerable...or maybe you just won't run away anymore. But, I'm totally having wine as soon as they pass out! :)

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