"Clean" Sweetened Condensed Milk

Saturday, March 16, 2013

The other day I was putzing around Pinterest (my favorite sport) and stumbled upon The Gracious Pantry  which happens to be a GREAT resource for all things "Clean Eating" and all the food looks amazingly yummy.

I haven't jumped aboard the "Paleo" train as of yet, but I am trying to limit sugar, white flour and processed foods and concentrate more on whole foods and fruits/veggies (but there are times where cupcakes jump into my mouth and I have no control over that...it's completely not my fault!!!!). I'm not so much interested in baking a cake without flour or butter and using all sorts of funky alternatives...I'm more looking at being healthy and if I do want to indulge in cake, it will just be less often and a smaller piece (I'm completely kidding myself by the way...the theory sounds great though). However, I discovered this little gem that is rocking my world....

"clean" sweetened condensed milk

Now, I wouldn't normally throw sweetened condensed milk into my morning smoothie...but I WILL admit I've added it to my iced coffee! I adore coffee creamer, but it is loaded with things I just do not need, so this discovery has made my morning coffee a lot more exciting. I make mine with almond milk!

Two thumbs up!

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