How I became 'A Little Knitty'

Sunday, September 27, 2015

A little while ago I wrote up a little something for the "About Me" section of my Etsy Shop and I thought I would share it on my blog too.
How I became 'A Little Knitty'

When I was a teen, my grandmother taught me how to knit. It was a fun hobby, especially for a kid that liked to keep busy. Through the years I plugged away and made some pretty awful creations, but luckily I had friends and family who only had kind words to say! :) Through college I sat knitting in coffee shops, well before it was cool to do so...but I had fallen in love with knitting.

When my son was born in 2008, I began making fun hats for him. Friends began asking for hats too...and soon I was knitting my heart out to cover the adorable heads of babies all over the area. A few years later I made things Facebook Official by launching my business online...but it needed a name. While brainstorming with my husband, I was throwing out silly names...then said "I'm a little nutty" after many dorky failed attempts. My husband replied, "No, you are A Little Knitty"...
And that is how A Little Knitty was born!

Over the years I added an etsy shop, ravelry shop, craftsy shop, my own website & this very blog...and my wonderful business has evolved into teaching locally (for Auburn, Washington Parks & Rec) and selling my patterns online so that others can create and be a little knitty at home! I want to inspire people to create gifts with their hands, they express so much more love than a store bought gift!


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