Happy New Year

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

I love this time of year! It's a time of reflection (what did I do this year??? How do the years keep speeding up?) And for me it's a time for change. I love everything Christmas...but as soon as it is over I want to instantly put everything away. I think it has become worse over the years because as a shop owner I start working on my winter line in spring....and start attending Holiday craft shows in October....so by December I'm pretty much over it.

The kids begged to keep the tree a bit longer, but this weekend that bad boy is coming down and the half eaten gingerbread house is going in the trash. Every scrap of wrapping paper will be confiscated and all toys will find homes (most likely some old toys will be donated to find room). I will be in full nesting mode, without the hassle of being pregnant.

I. Love. Organization.

I felt the need to do a little online housekeeping too! I will be moving all of my inventory to my etsy shop, I have updated my webpage (www.alittleknitty.com), launched this knitting blog and brought a cohesive look to all social media. I still have some tweaks...but it is getting there! A huge thank you to Rhonda (www.rhondajaidesigns.com
www.rhondajai.etsy.com) for making everything come together super quickly and smoothly!!!

This year will be exciting...so many opportunities are presenting themselves and years of persistently pursuing my passion (say that 5 times fast) are paying off!

Thank you for joining me on this fun ride...I appreciate it more than I can express!!

Happy New Year...I hope 2015 brings you joy and happiness!

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