My "assistant"

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

So I have this insanely cute "assistant" who works for hugs! :) I call my three year old my assistant because sometimes she really assists me...and other times it is intended to be sarcastic! ;) There are days where she "helps" by scattering packing slips or sticking shipping labels to her shirt (insanely funny, by the way...but then I have to reprint!) sometimes she just helps me eat my lunch...

...and other times she "knits" which resembles knots. But she tries so hard and I keep letting her help because I know one day it will turn into a marketable skill! I spent lots of time in my moms office, filing and doing anything else she would let me do...and it really did help me out later in life.

Most recently she has discovered a love of cooking...which is new territory for me because my son has never shown any interest despite my attempts! I usually ask her to help me count or dump into a bowl but today we tried a new task.

Awhile ago I was out of clean knives and needed to pierce some potatoes before I threw them in the microwave and discovered a corn cob holder works pretty darn well!!

So, I explained to little Miss P that it was VERY sharp but she could help me if she went slow (I was more worried about her puncturing me than herself). 

She did really well and was SO proud of herself! She really has taught me to let go a lot more (hello, my name is Jen and I like to be in control). Sometimes it's so easy for me to just do things...but if I just slow down I get to have some really fun moments with my assistant!!

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